10 Times R-Truth Made A Wrestler Break Character

4/9/2024 1:16 PM

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10 Times R-Truth Made A Wrestler Break Character

10 Times R-Truth Made A Wrestler Break Character

April 9, 2024 1:16 PM
10 Times R-Truth Made A Wrestler Break Character

He's a national treasure.

10: R-Truth Is In The WWE Title Tournament?!

One of the most hilarious aspects of R-Truth’s character is the trait that he thinks he’s in matches that he was never booked in.

In the year 2015, WWE were hosting a tournament to crown a brand-new WWE World Champion, and this tournament was going to culminate at the annual Survivor Series. On the SmackDown before the show, The Miz hosted an episode of Miz TV with the four men in the tournament, and this was a by the numbers segment, that was until Truth, who wasn’t even in the tournament interrupted.

Truth would declare that he plans to win the tournament, and this was enough to make Roman Reigns break, as he couldn’t keep it together. It’s worth pointing out that Truth and Reigns have always had a close bond, so Reigns was probably used to Truth making him cry with laughter.

9: R-Truth Makes Damian Priest Laugh

When R-Truth returned to WWE TV in 2023 following a serious injury, he began a storyline with The Judgment Day. This storyline saw Truth begin to believe that he was a member of the faction, and the segments between Truth and The Judgment Day members have been incredible.

In one particular segment on RAW in December of 2023, Truth was cutting a promo, and the promo was so funny, that Damian Priest began to laugh. Truth would state that Priest didn’t mean it, when he said he didn’t like him, and Truth knew this because he saw it in Priest’s eyes.

Priest hilariously turned away from Truth as he couldn’t keep it together, and Dominik Mysterio was also clearly holding in his laughter.

8: R-Truth’s RAW Talk Shenanigans

WWE booking R-Truth to be a regular guest on RAW Talk was a genius move. Truth brought a great element of comedy to the show, and he made a number of wrestlers break character including the usually serious, Shayna Baszler.

During Baszler’s appearance on the show in 2020, Baszler would complain about the catering backstage in WWE, and this was when Truth brought up the fish on the menu, specifically mentioning the tartar sauce. Baszler began to smirk, and she was clearly tickled by Truth’s antics. The former NXT Women’s Champion tried her best to stay in character, as she would proceed to put her head down away from the camera to hide the fact that she found Truth utterly hilarious.

7: Randy Orton Can’t Keep A Straight Face

Randy Orton fell victim to R-Truth’s comedic charm during a backstage segment in 2020. Orton was backstage with his former mentor, Ric Flair, and this was when Orton and Flair were interrupted by Truth. Truth believed that Flair was actually Akira Tozawa. Flair instantly smirked, but Orton was forced to go off script, and put his hand over his face.

Orton couldn’t hold it in, as Truth’s delivery was so unbelievably good, and as always, his comedic timing was completely on point. Seeing Truth interact with main event level stars such as Orton is always a delight, and it always leads to a memorable and celebrated segment.

6: R-Truth Thinks He’s In The MITB Match

You just never know when R-Truth will insert himself in a random segment, and in 2015 on an episode of RAW, Truth was 100% convinced that he was booked to compete in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match.

On the RAW episode in question, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler and Kane were having a promo exchange, and this was when Truth interrupted. Truth would declare that he was going to win the Money in the Bank ladder match, and Kane interrupted Truth to remind him that he wasn’t even in the match.

Truth would then proceed to pull the most exaggerated, yet humorous facial expression ever seen on WWE TV. whilst Truth was making everyone in attendance laugh, the camera cut towards Reigns and Ziggler who were both completely losing it in the ring.

5: Dirty Dom Feels The Love

Dominik Mysterio is one name that has clearly enjoyed working with R-Truth in the Judgment Day, and in one match on RAW in late 2023, Mysterio found it hard to contain his enjoyment.

Truth was wrestling JD McDonagh, and R-Truth randomly hugged Mysterio at ringside. This received a huge pop, and Mysterio had the biggest smile on his face, in what was a rare out of character moment for Dirty Dom.

Following the hug, Mysterio would attack Truth and push him into the ring post, and this was met with a chorus of boos from the audience.

4: R-Truth Mocks AJ Styles’ “House”

The WWE fan-base has become accustomed to never knowing what’s going to come out of R-Truth’s mouth, and when Truth appeared on RAW Talk with AJ Styles in 2020, fans were left in total hysterics.

Truth asked AJ Styles about his claims that “SmackDown was the house that AJ Styles built”.  Truth had hilariously somehow interpreted the statement as Styles being the one to build SmackDown, as if SmackDown was a physical building. Truth then proceeded to ask AJ if he also did condominiums and tiny houses. AJ was completely speechless at what was unfolding.

Even RAW Talk host Charly Caruso got involved in the comedic antics, as she replied to Truth’s comments with “that’s a great question”.

3: R-Truth Knocks Himself Out

A Miz TV segment in late 2015 was going off the rails when Big Show arrived and cleared the ring. This segment looked to be a generic and formulaic segment designed to make Big Show look strong, yet it was R-Truth who managed to steal the show. When it came time for R-Truth to physically face up to Big Show, Truth decided against the idea, and he comically decided to punch himself in the face, knocking himself out in the process.

Despite Big Show being a menacing heel at the time, the WWE veteran had no choice but to smile, and briefly break character.

One of the reasons why Truth’s comedic antics work so well in segments of this nature is that WWE have never overdone them. Truth’s involvement in major segments is kept limited, so that when Truth does get involved in the main event picture, fans know they are in-store for a treat, and they could be witnessing a show stealing comedic segment before their very eyes.

2: R-Truth Dresses Like A Confederate Soldier

In 2011, WWE decided to do something new with R-Truth. Truth would turn heel and embark on some of the most entertaining and acclaimed work of his career. Whilst the heel persona was drastically different compared to his lovable babyface act, the comedy was kept a key part of the character, and during the heel run, Truth managed to make wrestlers break character, including the legendary, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In a segment between Austin and his arch-rival, Vince McMahon, Truth randomly interrupted dressed as a confederate soldier. This segment was wild, and Truth began marching around the ring informing everyone that he had seceded from the WWE Universe.

McMahon managed to remain in character at all times, yet this wasn’t the case for Austin, who had the biggest smile on his face. The WWE production team were clearly aware that Austin wasn’t staying in character, as they tried to limit showing him on screen during the segment as much as possible.

1: R-Truth Makes Brock Lesnar Break Character

In early 2020, WWE aired a segment that, on paper, shouldn’t have worked. R-Truth would engage in a confrontation with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, and the segment was so funny, that Lesnar broke character, and was almost on the floor laughing.

In the segment, Truth would declare that he’s going to throw Paul Heyman over the top rope in the annual Royal Rumble matchup. Truth believed that Heyman was in the Rumble instead of Lesnar, and after discovering that it was in-fact Lesnar in the Rumble, Truth amazingly undeclared himself from the matchup.

Truth would reflect on the acclaimed segment during an interview with TalkSport, and this is what he had to say:

“The thing about that was they didn’t want Brock to know what I was going to say. I’m like, I don’t know, I feel like personally, Brock should know what I’m going to say and they’re like, ‘No, no, no Truth, we’ve got a bet going. We want to see if you can make him laugh, if you can pop Brock. I said I can make him laugh but I want him to laugh in a happy way, you know what I’m saying? I don’t want him to turn into Brock – Brock out there. I agreed to it. When I went out there, I saw Brock starting to hold his laugh in.”

Truth also mentioned that Lesnar loved the segment, and he began to push for him and Truth to do more segments together on WWE TV:

“And after that segment was over, we’re in the back and Brock was still laughing. He said ‘Bro, we got to do something together. There’s something there. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something there’. And we left it there. I know that’s something we can always go back and pick up. But that is one of the highest moments in my career right there.”

What the infamous Lesnar segment showed was that Truth did indeed have the ability to make any wrestler on the roster laugh, yet he has never negated or undermined their characters. Lesnar still looked credible in the aforementioned segment, and it was truly wonderful to see Lesnar enjoy Truth’s antics as much as the fans.