10 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Are STILL In WWE

5/29/2024 12:05 PM

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10 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Are STILL In WWE

10 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Are STILL In WWE

May 29, 2024 12:05 PM
10 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Are STILL In WWE

These wrestlers/talents are STILL with WWE.

10: Tamina

As things stand, Tamina is one of the most tenured women in the WWE locker room. Tamina has been a key part of WWE for over a decade now, and whilst Tamina is rarely on WWE TV, she is still employed with the company, and it's unknown why exactly Tamina is never used.

Tamina hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV since early 2023, meaning WWE have kept Tamina employed for way over a year without her having to wrestle in a featured match.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champion is insanely popular backstage, and she is seen as a mother type figure to many. She is close friends with most of the locker room, and even has a core friendship with names such as CM Punk.

It’s entirely possible that Tamina has transitioned into a new role backstage, yet fans, as well as internet dirt sheets haven’t been made privy to the information.

9: Apollo Crews

Over the years, it has looked like WWE had high hopes for Apollo Crews. In 2021, during the COVID-19 Era, he won the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 37, and he looked set for a huge push up the card. Ultimately, this never went anywhere, and before fans knew it, Crews found himself back in NXT, and he was eventually back to jobber status.

Whenever Crews appears on WWE programming, which has become a rarity in 2024, fans are stunned that he is even with the company. In-fact when Crews wrestled on the WWE Speed show on X, most of the discourse was fans being surprised that Crews was still employed.

Crews is excellent in the ring, yet something has been missing from his numerous characters and personas over the years, that has made it extremely difficult for fans to fully connect with anything he’s done.

8: Omos

During the era of Vince McMahon in WWE, one of the wrestlers who was heavily pushed was Omos. Omos was given a major platform and started his career by working closely with AJ Styles, which was a clear sign that WWE saw a bright future for the Nigerian Giant.

Since McMahon exited WWE, Omos has begun to gradually drift down the card, and some fans are even shocked whenever news that Omos is still with the company is shared on social media.

In 2023, Omos was booked in top matches against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, and to Omos’ credit, he did great in these matches, yet once they were over, he simply disappeared from WWE TV, and WWE acted like he never existed.

In 2024, Omos has only wrestled a handful of times on TV, and these have only been in battle royals. Omos will wrestle regularly on live events; however, WWE is evidently going back to the drawing board with his character and his presentation.

It does seem bizarre that Omos did such a great job with the Lesnar and Rollins matches, but that wasn’t enough for WWE to feature him in a significant role moving forward. WWE like to use Omos for media appearances, and it’s easy to see why, as the former Tag Team Champion is well spoken, hilarious, and insanely likeable, and it would be welcomed to see this side of Omos surface on WWE TV, that’s if WWE can commit to booking him on the show.

7: MVP

Speaking of Omos, his manager, MVP is one of the most underutilised talents in all of WWE. As of writing, MVP is still under WWE contract; however, he has barely been seen on WWE programming over the past 12-months.

It’s confusing as to why Triple H is refusing to use MVP, as even if he has no interest in booking Omos, he could easily book MVP to work closely with another young talent. MVP is an outstanding mouthpiece and pairing him with someone that struggles in the promo department would be in everyone’s best interests.

In relation to what names WWE could pair MVP with, Ricochet is a name that is often thrown out there in terms of a wrestler who needs a mouthpiece, and another name that would be interesting would be Jade Cargill. Cargill is relatively new to the main roster, and her promo work still needs vast improvement. This could easily be fixed if she had an established and popular veteran to deliver her promo work.

6: Titus O’Neil

The days of Titus O’Neil being an in-ring talent are apparently over, as O’Neil has transitioned into an ambassador role for WWE.

To the casual fan, it may come as a shock that O’Neil is still a name that is employed by WWE, as other than a few cameos over the years, O’Neil has disappeared from WWE programming.

O’Neil was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020, receiving the Warrior Award. O’Neil received the award in honour of his highly regarded charity work, which was completely justified.

O’Neil did make an appearance at WrestleMania 39 in a commentary role, which was wonderful to see, as O’Neil was excellent in the role, and he added a great sense of humour to the commentary booth.

5: Scott Stamford

Scott Stamford was first hired by WWE just after the introduction of the PG Era. Stamford was instantly welcomed by fans, as he was an excellent host of Bottom Line, and his play-by-play commentary on WWE Superstars gave WWE a sports-esque feel, which was badly needed at the time.

Whilst Stamford doesn’t deliver commentary on WWE TV in 2024, it may come as a surprise to fans that Stamford is still employed in WWE. Stamford usually works on pre-show panels, and although these appearances are limited, Stamford always does a fantastic job in his role.

Stamford is passionate, and genuinely cares about the product, and it would be a nice change of pace to see Stamford return to calling a WWE main roster product, as he still has so much to offer.

4: Ashante "Thee" Adonis

When Hit Row disbanded following Top Dolla’s WWE release, it was an interesting move that WWE decided to keep Ashante Adonis under contract. Whilst Adonis without a doubt had talent, the crowd hadn’t fully connected to him by the time WWE were making roster cuts, so he was a firm favourite to get the chop.

Since Hit Row’s dissolvement, Adonis has barely been present on TV, and WWE have evidently been putting plans in place to repackage Adonis in a new tag-team. In February 2024, WWE aired a vignette showing Adonis and Cedric Alexander as a duo. This was a smart move, as both names needed a break, and pairing Adonis with a talent of the stature of Alexander, is the type of booking required to elevate Adonis to the next level.

The tag-team have mainly wrestled in dark matches, and it’s unclear if the two are supposed to be babyfaces or heels, as they have worked with both heel teams, as well as babyface teams. Hopefully, WWE makes the call to have the team wrestle on TV in the foreseeable future, as the duo are a fresh and unique team that could deliver something exciting within the established tag team division.

3: Dexter Lumis

Triple H decided to bring Dexter Lumis back in 2022, and after an initial feud with The Miz, it became more than obvious that The Game had zero idea what to do with him.

Lumis spent months in creative limbo, and he would make numerous cameos on the NXT brand, which was even more of a sign that WWE were struggling with how to handle Lumis’ return.

Lumis has been absent from WWE TV for months, and the latest developments is that Lumis is still with WWE, and WWE are potentially going to involve him in the upcoming Uncle Howdy storyline. It’s unclear how this will play out, as Lumis doesn’t have a direct link with Bray Wyatt, yet WWE are likely capitalising on Lumis having an out of the box persona.

2: Nikki Cross

One of the names that has truly struggled in the new era of WWE is Nikki Cross. Cross was presented somewhat well under Vince McMahon, and even with the infamous Nikki A.S.H gimmick, she won the Money in the Bank match, and subsequently won the Women’s Title.

Triple H has given Cross TV time, and she was even the final ever 24/7 Champion; however, Triple H hasn’t committed to giving Cross a substantial storyline. Cross would begin a storyline which saw her stalking Candice LeRae, but ultimately, this went absolutely nowhere.

Cross is still under a main roster contract, and similarly to Lumis, it has been reported that Cross is planned for the new Uncle Howdy storyline. Cross does have a mysterious, borderline spooky persona, and she was linked with Alexa Bliss at one stage, so her involvement does make sense.

1: Beth Phoenix

In late 2023, it was reported online that WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix was still under WWE contract. This stunned fans, as Phoenix hadn’t been on WWE TV since the feud between Edge and Finn Balor was dominating air-time, and with Edge now in AEW, it was assumed that Phoenix was no longer in WWE.

Phoenix hasn’t been used for any WWE projects, and she no longer delivers commentary for NXT, so it’s not exactly clear what Phoenix’s role within WWE happens to be.

There were rumours at the start of 2024 that the former Women’s Champion may eventually find herself in AEW, yet this isn’t remotely possible if Phoenix remains under WWE contract.