A Case For Why Solo Sikoa Should Be The Man To Beat Roman Reigns For The WWE Universal Championship

11/12/2023 5:24 AM

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A Case For Why Solo Sikoa Should Be The Man To Beat Roman Reigns For The WWE Universal Championship

A Case For Why Solo Sikoa Should Be The Man To Beat Roman Reigns For The WWE Universal Championship

November 12, 2023 5:24 AM
A Case For Why Solo Sikoa Should Be The Man To Beat Roman Reigns For The WWE Universal Championship
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Why Solo Sikoa should be the man to take down the Tribal Chief.

Solo Sikoa just earned his biggest victory yet at Crown Jewel by decimating the former 16-time WWE Champion John Cena. It’s clear that creative has a bright future for The Bloodline heavy as Sikoa has been treated as a star since he made his main roster debut at Clash at the Castle. He even had a massive undefeated streak that almost went a full year.

WWE has done an excellent job of showcasing the differences between Sikoa and Roman Reigns. There are moments where Reigns gets nervous around Solo. The former NXT North American Champion also beat John Cena clean, unlike Roman Reigns, who needed his USO army to put down Cena for good. 

The path seems clear for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania: Cody Rhodes. However, I think this is a huge mistake. The second-generation star shouldn’t be the man to beat Roman Reigns finally. That honor should go to Solo Sikoa

Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Need The Big Win

Cody Rhodes should’ve beaten Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. The second-generation star was the hottest babyface in professional wrestling. The story was there and so was the perfect moment. 

However, WWE opted to pull the wash, rinse, and repeat method due to constant interference that stopped Rhodes from winning the big win one. Cody’s character hasn’t been as hot since, and it’s clear that creative doesn’t exactly know what to do with him since he continues to spin his wheels with Judgment Day.

But Cody Rhodes doesn’t need the win regardless. The 38-year-old is a star. He built his legacy when he left WWE in 2016 as his time on the independent scene and AEW is why he’s a massive star. I do like the story that the company is telling with Cody as he’s trying to win a belt that’s eluted his family throughout their careers. But that story doesn’t require him to dethrone Roman Reigns. 

Reigns is going through a historic title reign and the man that beats him (if booked properly) will be made into an instant main-eventer. Reigns’ loss should elevate the winner. Rhodes beating Reigns won’t do much for his career. But a young guy like Solo will be instantly skyrocket into the main event scene if he gets the win over “The Tribal Chief”.

WWE Has Been Planting Seeds For A Roman vs. Sikoa Match Since Day One

As previously stated, Sikoa was brought in to be Reigns’ heavy, but the way he’s treated is parallel to the WWE Universal Champion. From the moments where Sikoa teased turning on Reigns during his feud with Jimmy or Jey, to Reigns backing down to Sikoa and instantly apologizing on a Smackdown segment in May.

It would be a shame if Roman vs. Sikoa for the WWE Universal title never happened. But more importantly, fans have showcased that they want the Bloodline Heavy to turn on the big dog. Anytime WWE clearly teases Sikoa turning on Reigns, the audience cheers at the possibility of it. 

Admittedly, Solo needs more fine turning on the microphone, but he carries himself well as a singles act. He was a great and likable babyface down in NXT, and it would be shocking if that charisma didn’t carry over if he made the babyface turn today. Triple H has done a great job of building Sikoa and the anticipation of him turning his back on Reigns. The buzz for a Roman vs. Sikoa match is there, and their documented history would drive the story to be a WrestleMania-caliber match. 

WWE Needs To Start Pushing Young Stars As Main Event Talent

This pretty much goes back to Cody Rhodes not needing the win. Creative has taken the right approach in pushing Sikoa. They never forced the audience to accept him as a main eventer by shoving him into the upper card scene. 

Creative took their time in building his character and it helps that he’s a darn good wrestler. Strapping a rocket to his back wouldn’t feel out of place because he’s earned his spot at the top of the card. WWE has been better at focusing on young talent these days; with Domick Mysterio, Bron Breakker, and Carmelo Hayes the notable few, but they have to inject the main event scene with some new blood. 

Seth Rollins has only been fighting former WWE or World heavyweight Champions. Roman Reigns has run out of compelling opponents because the Smackdown roster is depleted of fresh talent for him to face. Sikoa has already faced some of the bigger names on the roster, but him working with upper-card talent as a solo act would make for fresh stories and match-ups. Solo Sikoa is on the cusp of being the new face of the company. WWE should pull the trigger and have him beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.