AEW Interested In Chad Gable

6/7/2024 1:52 PM

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AEW Interested In Chad Gable

AEW Interested In Chad Gable

June 7, 2024 1:52 PM
AEW Interested In Chad Gable
WWE News


AEW are interested in signing WWE star, Chad Gable.

This news comes from Dave Meltzer who had this to say in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required):

“Both AEW and WWE have interest in Gable. The only thing we’ve heard is that WWE has made an excellent offer to keep him. AEW is not allowed legally to make an offer until his WWE deal expires. He does have key people in AEW pushing him to Tony Khan. Gable would have to allow his contract to expire to get an offer. He’s also in the middle of the best singles push of his career right now.”

Meltzer also discussed the possibility of Lynch signing with AEW:

“I’m sure Khan would want Lynch as well although I can’t see her going because Rollins has already signed his new deal and they don’t need to be apart since she will be getting a huge offer either way, so your choice is work with your husband and bring your daughter on the road with him or work in separate companies with different schedules. Regardless of wrestling, it would seem like an easy answer as the money in her case will be big either way.”