AEW Introducing New Version of World Title?

1/10/2024 8:56 PM

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AEW Introducing New Version of World Title?

AEW Introducing New Version of World Title?

January 10, 2024 8:56 PM
AEW Introducing New Version of World Title?
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Is This the End of the Burberry Belt?

Is AEW introducing a new version of the AEW World Title? That's the report coming from Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp. Now that Samoa Joe has dethroned MJF for AEW's top title, it looks like the Burberry Belt design MJF made famous will go the way of John Cena's spinner title and Edge's "Rated-R Superstar" custom world title (although wouldn't it be cool if Edge dethroned Joe and brought a variant to AEW? 

Here's what Sapp is reporting at his Patreon account:

“There was discussion of debuting the new AEW World Championship title belt tonight in Jacksonville. There are several cosmetic changes that were made to the title belt, including side plates.”

H/T Ringside News

MJF's introduction of the Burberry Belt is a classic move. As mentioned, John Cena and Edge had custom designs for when they held the WWE Championship, as did other wrestlers, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock. While some wrestling traditionalists might not like these changes, they were good marketing tools. Given the big market for fans collecting championship belts, it makes sense to introduce new belts occasionally.

While wrestling companies can get carried away when it comes to selling custom belts (remember those limited edition custom-made Trios Championship belts for The Acclaimed that sold for $4999 each?), there must be a market because anyone attending live events sees plenty of fans with their replica titles.

It's unknown whether Joe is scrapping the Burberry design for a traditional look or adding his imprint to it.

What do you think Joe's new championship belt will look like? Do you like when wrestlers infuse a title belt with some of their wrestling persona?