AEW Star Departs the Company

10/13/2023 2:31 AM

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AEW Star Departs the Company

AEW Star Departs the Company

October 13, 2023 2:31 AM
AEW Star Departs the Company
AEW News

"The Reality" is no longer All Elite.

“The reality”  Zack has left  AEW wrestling.

Rumors spread that Zack was no longer a part of the company after seeing his picture removed from AEW’s roster page. Wrestlezone later confirmed that he was no longer with the company after Clayton chose to let his contract expire.

Zack Clayton debuted as an extra on AEW Dark in 2020, where he would be a mainstay for most of his tenure until he was moved to the ROH roster.

He signed a contract extension in October 2022, but it was just a one-year deal.

Both sides have stated that it ended on good terms, and the door is always open for Clayton to return.

What do you think is next for “The Reality?”