AJ Lee Returning To The Ring?

12/31/2023 11:42 AM

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AJ Lee Returning To The Ring?

AJ Lee Returning To The Ring?

December 31, 2023 11:42 AM
AJ Lee Returning To The Ring?
WWE News

This looks promising...

Ever since CM Punk returned to WWE in November, fans have been fantasy booking a WWE comeback for AJ Lee. AJ last wrestled for WWE back in 2015, and she had documented problems with her neck which ultimately prevented her from continuing her career.

Yesterday, AJ posted an Instagram story that sent her fans into hysterics, as AJ was seen taking bumps in a ring alongside her husband, CM Punk. Additionally, another Instagram story saw AJ wearing her iconic canvas wrestling shoes.

Does this mean that AJ is in a position to return to the ring? Time will tell, and if AJ is indeed ready to re-enter the WWE world, then surely a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble next month is the right way to go about it…