Andrade Confirms AEW Exit

1/3/2024 10:02 AM

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Andrade Confirms AEW Exit

Andrade Confirms AEW Exit

January 3, 2024 10:02 AM
Andrade Confirms AEW Exit
AEW News

Andrade took to Twitter/X to confirm the reports...

Andrade has confirmed his AEW exit. Taking to Twitter yesterday, the WWE-bound star stated:

“I want to thank you for this time that I belonged to the company @aew and above all to Tony khan I also want to say goodbye to all the talent, security people, cameramen, referees and everyone who works in the company for being part of my time in AEW. kenny, young bucks, tazz, Shiavone, Aubrey, Jerry, Hobbs, hook, Kingston, Ricky, Orange, thunder, jack Perry, Austin, Colten, Sonjay and many more that I can name, also how to forget all the Mexicans (todo el relajo) I enjoyed sharing the ring with STING, PAC, Darby, García, Jay and many more. I would have loved to face MOX, Page, Hobbs, Ricky, Dante, Cage, Dustin. Thank you AEW AND Thank you to all the fans for your support always. I wish you the best always!!!”

As things stand, it’s unknown when exactly Andrade will pop back up on WWE TV. There were rumours that Andrade could potentially return at RAW DAY 1, but obviously that never transpired.

As always, we will keep you posted on any developments.