Another AEW Star Leaving Soon

12/28/2023 5:56 PM

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Another AEW Star Leaving Soon

Another AEW Star Leaving Soon

December 28, 2023 5:56 PM
Another AEW Star Leaving Soon
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What's Next For Former Pinnacle Member?

Another star is leaving AEW soon, leading to questions what went wrong with their AEW run and what's next for their career. Fightful Select is reporting that long-time AEW star Shawn Spears (aka Ronnie Arneill) becomes a free agent on 1 January 2024. However, the report did not state what plans (if any) Spears has in wrestling when the New Year rolls around.

A Hit-and-Miss Run in AEW

Spears began working in AEW at its 2019 Double or Nothing pay-per-view following several years of competing in the WWE as Tye Dillinger. There were big expectations for Spears by his fans who felt that he'd been misused in the WWE.

However, Spears' campaign in the WWE has been uneven. Despite being paired with manager Tully Blanchard, Spears rarely stepped outside the mid-card. When MJF formed The Pinnacle with Spears, FTR, and Wardlow, it looked like Spears might get a career boost by his association with MJF and his fellow heels.

Unfortunately, The Pinnacle became one of AEW's most disappointing factions, and Spears' career didn't benefit from his involvement with the group. In fact, some critics argued Spears' only role in the group was to serve as their go-to guy for counting the lights.

Who's to Blame?

With two runs in the WWE and one run in AEW, it's only natural to ask how much Shawn Spears is to blame for his uneven run in both promotions. Spears isn't the first wrestler who couldn't break out in the WWE. Likewise, he's just one of many former WWE Superstars who got lost in the crowd in AEW. Nonetheless, does Spears deserve any blame for the lack of success in both promotions? 

Some Happy Memories

Regardless of whether Shawn Spears reached his goals in AEW, he's got nothing but good things to say about his time in AEW. Spears recently tweeted:

The man who once competed as "The Perfect Ten" also had some kind words for wrestling fans:

What's Next for Spears?

The 42-year-old wrestler has many options open when he becomes a free agent. Spears currently runs the Flatbacks Wrestling School with former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze (aka Matt Clement). In addition, he and his wife Peyton Royce are expecting their second child in 2024 so he may want to take time off. There are several options for wrestling, including MLW, TNA Wrestling, and the NWA. The WWE may be an option, but it's unknown whether the WWE has any in-ring roles for a 42-year-old mid-card talent.

What do you think is next for Shawn Spears? How would you rate his time in AEW? 

Photo Credit: AEW