Austin Theory's New Feud Revealed?

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Austin Theory's New Feud Revealed?

Austin Theory's New Feud Revealed?

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Austin Theory's New Feud Revealed?

Theory needs a prominent storyline.

Ever since Austin Theory defeated John Cena at WrestleMania 39, the US Champion has struggled to find a place on the card. Theory has just been lingering around SmackDown, and he has yet to have been given a substantial feud.

Thankfully, this could all be about to change. BWE on Twitter claims that Theory vs. Sheamus is in the works for after Money in the Bank, and the two could even potentially collide at SummerSlam in August.

Theory vs. Sheamus would be a solid addition to the SummerSlam card.

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