Backstage Heat On Tiffany Stratton?

5/17/2024 11:23 AM

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Backstage Heat On Tiffany Stratton?

Backstage Heat On Tiffany Stratton?

May 17, 2024 11:23 AM
Backstage Heat On Tiffany Stratton?
WWE News

PWInsider has provided an update.

There is no backstage heat on Tiffany Stratton.

There were rumours that Stratton had backstage heat due to her sharing a controversial video on her Instagram story.

PWInsider has offered an update on Stratton which reads:

“After speaking to several credible sources, we are told she's absolutely not in trouble for anything internally within WWE and that Stratton's been nothing but praised by management and other talents since moving to the main roster a few months back.”
“Despite the rumors, we are told that Stratton's status within the company is unchanged and she remains on good footing, as she's seen as someone with a very high upside by management.”

Stratton is set to take on Bianca Belair in a Queen of the Ring qualifier tonight on SmackDown.