Big Bucks for CM Punk's Survivor Series Return

12/11/2023 8:28 PM

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Big Bucks for CM Punk's Survivor Series Return

Big Bucks for CM Punk's Survivor Series Return

December 11, 2023 8:28 PM
Big Bucks for CM Punk's Survivor Series Return
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Just How Much Did Punk Deliver in Merchandise Sales?

The WWE has a sensational success so far as it reportedly brought in big bucks from merchandise for CM Punk's Survivor Series return. PWInsider Elite (subscription required) reported that Punk's merchandise sales were in the six figures for his first night back. That's an incredible figure, especially based on this report from SEScoops' Aaron Varble:

WWE only had one t-shirt out initially after CM Punk's return at Survivor Series. It was a Survivor Series t-shirt that noted The Best In The World is back

H/T SEScoops

That's a lot of merchandise for one night, especially since there was only one item to buy. The WWE hasn't wasted any time releasing more CM Punk merchandise to help the WWE Universe show their support for "The Second City Saint." 

Striking While the Iron is Hot

The WWE is wise in striking while the iron is hot. Punk's return has boosted ratings and ticket sales. Such was the case when he entered AEW back in 2021. However, things eventually plateaued. There was also the unfortunate CM Punk meltdown at 2022's All Out post-show media scrum, where things fell apart.

As long as CM Punk can avoid any the backstage brouhahas he had in AEW, he could continue bringing in extra bank from his merchandise for a long time. While there may be a slight dip in merchandise sales over time, wrestlers such as Cody Rhodes have shown that fans are eager to support their favorites by buying merchandise.

What do you think of the WWE's merchandise sales for Punk? Have you bought any CM Punk merchandise? 

Photo Credit: WWE