Bill Corgan wants Punk in NWA?

10/25/2023 5:54 AM

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Bill Corgan wants Punk in NWA?

Bill Corgan wants Punk in NWA?

October 25, 2023 5:54 AM
Bill Corgan wants Punk in NWA?
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The CEO of NWA appeals to CM Punk

News on CM Punk’s next destination continues circulating as everyone wonders what’s next for the Voice of the Voiceless.

Rumors have speculated that he’s WWE and, surprisingly, TNA-bound.

An unlikely suitor makes their attempt to bring the Chicago native to their company as CEO of NWA, Billy Corgan,  appeals to CM Punk during an appearance on the Mat Men Podcast.

Corgan talks about working with CM Punk but states he doesn’t believe he can pay Punk what he’s worth.

“Many, many people behind the scenes have asked me, ‘Should we play for Punk? Have you reached out to Punk?’ and the answer, in terms of reaching out, no because I respect him a lot. He deserves top money. He’s a top star. That sounds almost self-defeating. Like, you’re almost admitting that you wouldn’t want him. The NWA would go hand over fist to have Phil walk through the door and be part of the NWA, even for a pay-per-view.”

He then says what he would pitch to Punk to get him to NWA.

“What I could say to him is he would have a lot of fun in the NWA, and I think Phil the person loves professional wrestling.”

If CM Punk does weigh NWA as an option, it would be a big boost to the company, as they’ve just inked a TV deal with The CW.

You can look at the interview with Billy Corgan here by clicking this link.