Billy Gunn Talks Retirement

12/10/2023 11:23 AM

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Billy Gunn Talks Retirement

Billy Gunn Talks Retirement

December 10, 2023 11:23 AM
Billy Gunn Talks Retirement
AEW News

'The One' is still killing it in AEW...

Billy Gunn has been wrestling for decades, and despite the former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion being 60-years-old, he still moves and looks like he did 20-years ago.

During an interview with A2TheK, Gunn would discuss his retirement plans, and his planned retirement match opponent may come as a surprise:

"Would I like to retire? Yes. Would I ever get away from wrestling? Not a chance. There is no way. I feel I still have too much to offer in a sense of helping, maybe not so much in the ring. That kind of got my head spinning a little bit when I get ran through (by House of Black), but I got to thinking, 'I'm not letting people run through me like that. I have to come back. I'm not leaving on that note,' even though I tried to…”

Gunn then continued:

“[Austin & Colten] weren't having it. They weren't having that retirement yet and that's not how I'm going to retire. [Austin & Colten] say I have to wrestle them, that's my retirement match. I tell them Will Ospreay is my retirement match. They get so mad about that. I love Will, there is something about him, and he does some really cool stuff that I've never done that I just want to take. That's when I tell them all time, 'I'm not wrestling you two for my retirement, I'm wrestling Will Ospreay…”

H/T - 411 Mania.