Brian Pillman Jr. Debuts as Lexis King in NXT

10/25/2023 1:11 PM

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Brian Pillman Jr. Debuts as Lexis King in NXT

Brian Pillman Jr. Debuts as Lexis King in NXT

October 25, 2023 1:11 PM
Brian Pillman Jr. Debuts as Lexis King in NXT
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Can King Escape His Famous Father's Shadow?

Brian Pillman Jr. debuts as Lexis King in NXT, wrestling his first match since jumping from AEW. The second-generation wrestler had an unusual entrance (check out the video below) but what stuck out was what he said on his way to the ring. As we'll examine, it appears King is going out of his way to distance himself from his famous father, the late Brian Pillman.

During his entrance, Lexis told everyone in TV land, "Brian Pillman is dead. Long live Lexis King." This isn't the first time the son of "Flying" Brian Pillman has distanced himself from his dad. This is quite a departure from Pillman Jr.'s past as he often used his dad's name.

King battled Dante Chen, defeating him with an elevated neckbreaker. The WWE hasn't revealed the name for the move yet but it appears to be King's new finisher.

Why Is Pillman Going By a Different Name?

Fans may be wondering why Pillman adopted a new name after years performing as Brian Pillman Jr. The storyline reason is that Pillman wants to carve out his own identity. Pillman and/or the WWE may also want to take the mid-card stink off the Brian Pillman Jr. AEW certainly did Pillman no favors with its booking of the talented star.

However, there's also a financial reason; the WWE's policy of locking down a wrestler's intellectual property. If the WWE chooses, it can trademark the Lexis King name and market it. Any trademark will also keep King from performing under the Lexis King name should he leave the WWE.

What did you think of King's debut? Why do you think Brian Pillman Jr. is now Lexis King? 

Photo Credit: WWE