Bron Breakker Called Up?

1/28/2024 1:58 PM

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Bron Breakker Called Up?

Bron Breakker Called Up?

January 28, 2024 1:58 PM
Bron Breakker Called Up?
WWE News

At last...

Last night during the men’s Royal Rumble, Bron Breakker had a stand-out performance. Breakker went on a rampage in the match itself, and he eliminated names including Omos and Finn Balor.

During a backstage interview following his appearance, Breakker stated that the main roster is now “his home”, and he has unfinished business with The Judgment Day:

”I feel grateful right now, what an opportunity tonight was to make a statement and I thought I did that tonight 100%. Things didn’t go my way, but I’m not done with The Judgment Day by any means. Tonight, I proved I belong on the main-roster, this is my home now and I’m ready for the work. I’m ready to prove to my peers and to everyone out there who believes in me that this is where I belong and what I was born to do. Judgment Day’s got it coming, I promise ya.”

Triple H had positive words to state about the former NXT Champion on the post Rumble press conference, and The Game even stated that now is the right time to see what “Breakker” can do.

H.T - SE Scoops.