Bully Ray Fantasy Books A CM Punk WWE Comeback

11/24/2023 10:24 AM

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Bully Ray Fantasy Books A CM Punk WWE Comeback

Bully Ray Fantasy Books A CM Punk WWE Comeback

November 24, 2023 10:24 AM
Bully Ray Fantasy Books A CM Punk WWE Comeback
WWE News

This is a bold idea...

There is rampant speculation that CM Punk could be potentially returning to WWE tomorrow night at Survivor Series WarGames.

Despite there being reports indicating that WWE have no plans to bring Punk back on the show, this hasn’t stopped WWE fans, and even WWE legends fantasy booking a Punk return.

The latest to do so is Bully Ray, who shared his pitch for Punk’s return on Busted Open Radio:

“Now that we know Randy is the fifth guy, do you think that stops people from chanting CM Punk? They could have the best of both worlds right now if Punk is involved. I’ll create a scenario for you, if you want to talk about grabbing people’s attention … you do the War Games, babyfaces go over, babyfaces are hands raised and out of nowhere, [Orton hits the] RKO on Cody and ‘holy s**t, what just happened’ and everyone is in complete shock –- and then hit ‘Cult of Personality.’ Punk comes out on the stage, go off the air…”

Bully continued:

“Punk with fits with somebody huge on the roster and would be a huge WrestleMania match — Seth [Rollins] is the one that said, ‘F Phil, stay where you are Phil, we don’t need you Phil’. Well, could you imagine if Phil comes back and on Monday Night Raw, Seth is out there and he says, ‘Well Seth, Phil is back, now what?’ There’s something there. All you have to do is give Punk the microphone and have him remind everybody. Punk still has that something special where people will listen to what he has to say. I don’t think the WWE needs CM Punk right now and I think that if the WWE brought back CM Punk … I think it’s more for a giant middle finger to AEW and I don’t think they need to do that.“

H/T – 411 Mania.