Can WWE Afford Will Ospreay?

10/24/2023 3:31 PM

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Can WWE Afford Will Ospreay?

Can WWE Afford Will Ospreay?

October 24, 2023 3:31 PM
Can WWE Afford Will Ospreay?
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Will Ospreay Price Himself Out of a WWE Contract?

Can the WWE afford Will Ospreay? The current New Japan Pro Wrestling star will become a free agent in February 2024 and the London native reportedly is already working to make sure he gets the best deal possible. Ospreay has hired agent Barry Bloom to represent him and WrestleTalk’s Connel Rumsey explained:

It was reported earlier today that Ospreay was being represented by Barry Bloom in February when his deal expires. Bloom has represented many top wrestling stars over the years, including most recently the Elite during their contract renewal with AEW.

Dave Meltzer discussed Ospreay’s future home during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio:

“I know WWE is absolutely after him and he is absolutely going to listen to WWE. WWE is very, very interested in him. Everyone is, and they should be.”

H/T WrestleTalk

Could Ospreay Price Himself Out of the WWE?

Rumor has it that Ospreay is looking at his next deal with an emphasis on money. Fightful Select recently reported that Will’s new deal will be “heavily financially motivated.” Ospreay is 30 and he may sense his value to promoters may never be greater as he’s established himself as a bankable star and he’s still in his prime.

However, while the WWE is apparently interested in Ospreay, could he price himself too high? The WWE has the bucks to sign anyone but it isn’t the only game in town as Ospreay recently worked for IMPACT Wrestling and also competed in AEW. AEW could afford him and he’s worked enough matches in AEW that the promotion knows what he has to offer. While IMPACT (soon to be TNA Wrestling) doesn’t have the deep pockets the WWE has, could it work out a deal to bring in Ospreay?

On paper, the WWE and AEW seem like the ideal suitors for Ospreay (If money is a major part of his contract negotiations). Ospreay might also be interested in which promotion can give him the most national exposure.

February 2024 is still a ways off so fans will have to wait and see where Ospreay ends up working. Where would you like to see Will Ospreay wrestle?