Charlotte Reportedly Signs New Deal with WWE

12/19/2023 8:47 PM

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Charlotte Reportedly Signs New Deal with WWE

Charlotte Reportedly Signs New Deal with WWE

December 19, 2023 8:47 PM
Charlotte Reportedly Signs New Deal with WWE
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Deal Also Includes Big Perk

Charlotte reportedly signs a new deal with the WWE, just the latest news of current WWE Superstars re-upping with the promotion. News broke on Monday that Dominik Mysterio signed a new deal with the WWE (possibly for five more years). This was followed by news that Dominik's dad Rey signed a new deal also.

Now, a report from Fightful Select states Charlotte has signed a contract extension that comes with a major perk. The report behind Fightful's Patreon paywall states Flair will be with the WWE for several more years. In addition:

It is a huge money increase over her last contract and one of the highest-paid deals to a woman in WWE history.

H/T Wrestling News

The deal reportedly includes a fully-equipped travel bus for Flair. It was also the first new deal signed under the TKO-Holdings era. Apparently, it was signed before the Dominik and Rey deals.

Charlotte Flair is currently recovering from several serious injuries and is expected to be out for nine months. Flair fans can take heart that she'll be in the company for quite a while.

It's Good to Be the Queen

Charlotte Flair's value to the WWE should be obvious by this new deal. There may be an element of the WWE signing her to keep her from working elsewhere. However, the primary reason is likely the value she brings to the company as a performer. Flair is one of the WWE's top stars (male or female) and at 37, still has much to offer to the company.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the WWE negotiates with Becky Lynch, as "The Man's" contract is said to expire sometime in 2024

What do you think of this latest development in Flair's career? Are you surprised she's staying with the WWE?

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