Chris Jericho Bringing in Former WWE Tag Team Partner for Full Gear?

11/1/2023 8:28 PM

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Chris Jericho Bringing in Former WWE Tag Team Partner for Full Gear?

Chris Jericho Bringing in Former WWE Tag Team Partner for Full Gear?

November 1, 2023 8:28 PM
Chris Jericho Bringing in Former WWE Tag Team Partner for Full Gear?
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Who is Jericho's Big Man?

Chris Jericho is bringing in a former WWE tag team partner for Full Gear. Jericho isn't scheduled for a match at the 18 November pay-per-view but there's speculation he'll square off against Powerhouse Hobbs and a member of the Don Callis Family. Jericho made some comments last week that have fans thinking he's about to call in an old friend.

‍It's been a rough year for "The Ocho" ever since he lost the Ring of Honor World Championship, dissolved the Jericho Appreciation Society, and had to deal with the betrayal of his former ally Sammy Guevara. To make matters worse, Don Callis has been making life miserable for Jericho for weeks now. Recently, Callis' client Powerhouse Hobbs embarrassed Jericho in a match where Powerhouse manhandled him.

While Jericho can't match Hobbs in size or power, a former WWE tag team partner may be able to. At least Jericho thinks so. During his interview on the 25 October Dynamite, "Le Champion" said he knows someone bigger than Hobbs. Anyone familiar with Jericho's WWE career (particularly his tag team career) likely has a good idea who Jericho is referring to.

For those who don't know who Jericho's big man is, Fightful Select is reporting:

We’d mentioned this on our post-AEW Fightful show last week, and it seems fairly obvious, but we’d still gained some inquiries. As of last week, the working plan was for Paul Wight to return to work some sort of match at AEW Full Gear. Wight hasn’t wrestled since a Dark Elevation squash in March 2022, and had a handful of matches in September and October of 2021.

H/T Fightful Select

The Return of Jeri-Show

Jericho and Paul Wight had a run in the WWE as Jeri-Show. Jericho and The Big Show held the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship for an impressive 140 days. Chris Jericho and The Big Show were a classic example of two different types of wrestlers succeeding by complementing each other. Obviously Jericho and Wight can't team as Jeri-Show but there's nothing keeping them from reuniting.

While Wight hasn't wrestled much in AEW, there have been rumors of him returning. One of the biggest concerned him returning as his "Captain Insano" character from the film, The Waterboy. Tony Khan reportedly obtained the rights to the character and has been working on the right place and time for the Captain's return in the ring. In the meantime, Captain Insano has made cameos in AEW vignettes. He was last seen in a vignette involving MJF and Adam Cole fishing.

If Paul Wight does team up with Jericho, will it be as Captain Insano? Would you like to see Paul Wight wrestle again?


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