Chris Jericho Comments On NXT's Ratings Victory

10/20/2023 10:33 AM

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Chris Jericho Comments On NXT's Ratings Victory

Chris Jericho Comments On NXT's Ratings Victory

October 20, 2023 10:33 AM
Chris Jericho Comments On NXT's Ratings Victory
Wrestling News

Jericho didn't hold back...

AEW star, Chris Jericho has finally commented on AEW losing to NXT in the ratings last week.

Whilst being interviewed by The Messenger, the inaugural AEW World Champion stated:

"You know, you can only bring in Cena and Undertaker and Cody and everybody else so much because nobody wants to work on their secondary show all the time," Jericho exclusively told The Messenger. "And it was a fun little, 'Hey, F-you AEW.' I didn’t even really worry about it."

Jericho’s rant didn’t end there, as he continued by saying:

“This would be like a football game where you bring in all of your top stars from years prior and beat the other team 30-26. It’s like a video game. Let’s bring in Tom Brady from five years ago and then play him for one game against Chris Jericho. OK, you guys won, but you only won, don’t get too far up your own ass because you didn’t do that good of a job as far as crushing us. And our show was better than theirs, quite frankly. So, it doesn’t bother me. It’s just competition, man. It’s good for the fans, it’s good for the companies.”
“All that matters is how your fans perceive you, growing your own show, growing your revenue, and I think we’ve done far and beyond what they ever thought. I think people who didn’t like AEW thought we’d be done within six months, and it’s been four years and we’re bigger than ever, on the verge of another huge television deal, and that’s all that matters.”

H/T – The Messenger.