CM Punk Becomes A Raw Superstar

12/12/2023 5:10 AM

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CM Punk Becomes A Raw Superstar

CM Punk Becomes A Raw Superstar

December 12, 2023 5:10 AM
CM Punk Becomes A Raw Superstar
WWE News

The Voice of the Voiceless chooses his home!

On the Dec. 11th episode of Raw, CM Punk officially signed with the Red Brand, making him exclusive to Monday nights.

The segment started with CM Punk reminiscing about his failures in Cleveland, OH, including being sent to OVW and Randy Orton giving CM Punk a concussion backstage that cost him his title.

He apologized to those who felt betrayed by his leaving, bringing up Indie Hartwell, who said she felt betrayed when Punk left. Punk related to her feeling the same way when he saw Roddy Piper appear in WCW.

He teased the audience by naming the 3 WWE brands, stated that his mind was already made up when he saw Raw was in Cleveland and finished the segment by saying, “CM Punk is home.”

There’s more to the segment, including Seth Rollins voicing how he feels about CM Punk’s signing, which you can watch here.

Are you happy to see CM Punk on Raw?