CM Punk Injury Update

1/31/2024 11:31 PM

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CM Punk Injury Update

CM Punk Injury Update

January 31, 2024 11:31 PM
CM Punk Injury Update
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Will Drew McIntyre Still Be Around When Punk Returns from Injury?

Time for a CM Punk injury. Punk injured his triceps at The Royal Rumble, resulting in him needing extensive time off to recover. Now, we're learning more about when he'll return. However, will CM Punk's new arch-rival Drew McIntyre be around when Punk is cleared to compete? 

In case you missed the 29 January RAW (or WrestleLamia's recent video analyzing the show), CM Punk told fans that he can't compete at this year's WrestleMania due to his triceps injury. This led to Drew McIntyre coming out and celebrating Punk's injury, telling the WWE Universe and Punk that it was like an answer to prayer.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed when Punk is expected back. Meltzer also noted during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Drew McIntyre might not be in the WWE by the time Punk is able to wrestle him:

“I would say September is a reasonable return (for Punk). Which was interesting, really interesting, because they set up the big angle with Drew McIntyre tonight to be his opponent when he returns, and Drew McIntyre’s not under contract past April. And that has not changed. Which really surprised me.”

H/T WrestleTalk

A Calculated Risk?

The current belief is that Drew McIntyre's WWE contract expires sometime after WrestleMania 40. Whether he signs a new deal is unknown but the WWE has booked him in high-profile angles and as we've just seen, booked him in long-term angles with the presumption he'll be around when Punk is ready to rumble. Is it possible that Drew has already re-upped with the WWE or is the company confident they'll work out a deal to keep him? 

What do you think? Are you interested in a Drew vs Punk program if Drew is around when Punk returns? How will the WWE handle things if McIntyre isn't around?

Photo Credit: WWE