CM Punk Match Announced for Upcoming House Show

12/12/2023 9:28 PM

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CM Punk Match Announced for Upcoming House Show

CM Punk Match Announced for Upcoming House Show

December 12, 2023 9:28 PM
CM Punk Match Announced for Upcoming House Show
WWE News

Who Will Punk Wrestle?

A CM Punk match has just been announced for an upcoming house show. The Kia Forum tweeted the news today:

So far, Punk hasn't worked an official match which means this will be his first wrestling match in the WWE since the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Is Dominik Mysterio Looking for Revenge?

Could Dominik bring up a blast from the past involving Punk and the entire Mysterio family? Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at this confrontation:

While the WWE is unlikely to play up this history, you can never be certain as Triple H isn't afraid to call back to classic storylines. For example, when Rey Mysterio was feuding with The Judgment Day in 2022, he called upon his WWE Tag Team Championship partner Edge rather than his son Dominik, pointing out their past team and Edge's experience advantage over Dominik. Even though Dominik and Papa Rey are estranged, you never know what "Dirty" Dom will say to berate an opponent.

Punk-a-Mania is Running Wild

CM Punk's return has increased merchandise sales, ticket sales, and TV ratings. So far, Punk has proved to be worth bringing back and he appears to have the Midas Touch. Consequently, you can be sure industry observers will pay close attention to ticket sales for the 30 December show. While it's always difficult to pin down ticket sales to the presence of one Superstar, the announcement that Punk was coming to the 11 December RAW reportedly was followed by a jump in ticket sales. WrestleTix noted:

+1,511 since the last update (6 days ago). Big movement here. The upper decks have been opened up.

H/T SEScoops

One key question surrounding Punk's return is just how many matches he is obligated to wrestle in the WWE. So far, the WWE has kept Punk for TV appearances. Is Punk getting rid of the ring rust he may have accumulated after leaving AEW? It's also possible the WWE is reserving Punk's matches for special occasions such as house shows in large markets or PLEs. The WWE may no want the novelty of watching Punk wrestle to wear off, especially before big shows like The Royal Rumble or WrestleMania.

Do you think CM Punk will wrestle many house shows? What about working matches on TV?

Photo Credit: WWE