CM Punk Returning To RAW?

11/26/2023 3:21 PM

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CM Punk Returning To RAW?

CM Punk Returning To RAW?

November 26, 2023 3:21 PM
CM Punk Returning To RAW?
WWE News

Will Punk be a RAW-exclusive talent?

Punk shocked the world last night by returning to WWE at the end of Survivor Series.

Punk’s return has truly changed the landscape of the wrestling industry, as everyone can’t stop talking about the WWE comeback of the former WWE Champion.

We have some news relating to when Punk will be back on WWE TV, and it looks like Punk is ready to get straight back into the fold, as according to PWInsider, a source has informed them that Punk is expected to be on RAW tomorrow night.

This is exciting news, and it prompts the question of who exactly Punk will feud with.

The footage of Seth Rollins losing his mind at Punk’s return has already gone viral, and RAW has a stacked roster featuring names such as Drew McIntyre, Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor for WWE to pair Punk with for his first feud back in the company.