CM Punk Teases Crossing Paths With The Rock

3/26/2024 10:43 AM

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CM Punk Teases Crossing Paths With The Rock

CM Punk Teases Crossing Paths With The Rock

March 26, 2024 10:43 AM
CM Punk Teases Crossing Paths With The Rock
WWE News

Punk will be involved at WrestleMania XL.

CM Punk made his return to RAW last night, and Punk had a notable segment with both Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins.

In a post-RAW digital interview, the former WWE Champion discussed his return, as well as whether he’s going to cross paths with The Rock:

“I’m obviously injured. I’m not 100%, I’m not medically cleared, and if feel when I come here, and there’s 16,000-plus people, and you’re responsible for a lot of them being there, this place is sold-out, they’re hanging from the rafters. I feel such a responsibility to want to give them a show, and I can’t right now because I’ve paid the price of being a professional wrestler since I was 15. But I felt I gave them a little bit of that guy. I gave them that CM Punk that they know and love, that they want to see, that dangerous guy on the microphone…”
"I’m glad. I’m glad Rock’s back. It’s good to see that he knows his role, and he’s kept his mouth shut. Anything goes here in this new era of WWE. Me being back, I’m gonna cross paths with everybody sooner or later…”

Punk is set to be on commentary for the Rollins vs. McIntyre World Title match next weekend.

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