CM Punk Will "Add No Value To WWE"?

10/10/2023 2:01 AM

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CM Punk Will "Add No Value To WWE"?

CM Punk Will "Add No Value To WWE"?

October 10, 2023 2:01 AM
CM Punk Will "Add No Value To WWE"?
Wrestling News

An interesting prediction has been made about CM Punk in WWE...

Is CM Punk going to return to the WWE? That’s the question that has wrestling fans and pundits alike discussing the pros and cons of wrestling’s “Straight Edge Superstar”  potential WWE return.

Eric Bischoff recently weighed in on this during his 83 Weeks… podcast:

“WWE doesn’t need CM Punk. They are doing very well without him.”

Ringside News’ Felix Upton noted that:

“Eric Bischoff then indicated that CM Punk would be a good talent to help maintain momentum in the company.”

The WWE is doing fantastic whether it’s in terms of business or fans’ enjoyment of storylines. During Fastlane’s press conference, John Cena remarked:

“It’s exceeded my expectations because the energy and the talent in the WWE locker room is incredible. This is truly the golden age of sports entertainment.”

Survivor Series will take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, which has some believing he could make his WWE return there (that is, if he returns). “ATM Eric” commented on this:

“Chicago is going to pop either way. No added value. None!”

As WrestleLamia has pointed out, there are many factors involved in a potential Punk return with things ultimately coming down to whether Punk’s assets outweigh his liabilities.