Cody Rhodes Admits He Can't Fail at WrestleMania

1/23/2024 11:25 PM

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Cody Rhodes Admits He Can't Fail at WrestleMania

Cody Rhodes Admits He Can't Fail at WrestleMania

January 23, 2024 11:25 PM
Cody Rhodes Admits He Can't Fail at WrestleMania
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What Constitutes a Failure for Cody?

Cody Rhodes admits he can't fail at WrestleMania, a stark statement considering how rocky his road to WrestleMania looks right now with competition from CM Punk and a potential roadblock involving The Rock.

Rhodes recently chatted with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri and was asked how he would feel if he left WrestleMania 40 without a world title:

"Ultimately, that's a failure. It'd be a failed year. I hope that doesn't come to pass... Doubt is a beautiful thing. For people to take the ride with you. I doubted that Daniel Bryan could survive a match with Triple H and then survive a triple-threat match to get out of WrestleMania 30 how he did. But it was a marvelous moment. I don't mind doubts at all. I, myself, can't have any regarding everything else that's going on. I have to be straight and narrow as far as where I'd like to go and how I'd like to get there."

The WWE is giving fans plenty of reasons to doubt whether Cody will make it to WrestleMania to complete his quest to "finish the story" and win a WWF world title (a goal that eluded his famous father). First, there's the return of CM Punk, who has made it clear he wants to main event WrestleMania, an unfulfilled goal that still haunts Punk. Second, there's the reality that The Rock will finally challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, a dream match the WWE has wanted for years. Cody could be inserted into The Rock vs Roman match, but his chance of emerging with the title is uncertain.

Does Cody Have to Win at WrestleMania?

Although Cody feels he can't compete for a world title at "The Showcase of the Immortals" and leave empty-handed, he talked about alternative venues for winning a world title:

"I feel like it could happen before. It could happen after. But I think it's all the sweeter if it were to happen at WrestleMania,. Last year it was about the title, the championship itself and the way the match unfolded and being this close to the moment, that made it now a far more personal situation. So I'd love it to be at WrestleMania. No doubt you never know about WWE. The flow here is quite wild.

H/T CBS Sports

While the WWE has elevated the status of several premium live events beyond "B-shows," WrestleMania remains the WWE's top show. Nevertheless, if the WWE is able to book The Rock vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, booking Cody vs Roman at one of the WWE's Saudi Arabia shows is sure to make the Saudi Sports Authority happy. The Saudi government pays beaucoup bucks to the WWE for the WWE's shows in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, they expect WrestleMania-level matches even if the show doesn't have the WrestleMania name.

Fans should have a better idea of whether Cody is headed to WrestleMania 40 for a world title match or the WWE plans to book another detour in his quest for a world championship.

Does Cody need to win a world title, and if so, does he need to do this at 'Mania?

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