Cody Rhodes Injured?

6/23/2024 11:51 AM

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Cody Rhodes Injured?

Cody Rhodes Injured?

June 23, 2024 11:51 AM
Cody Rhodes Injured?
WWE News

Is this a kayfabe injury?

Cody Rhodes headlined last night’s WWE live event in Bloomington. Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura, and after his victory, Rhodes cut a promo to the live crowd, and the WWE Champion revealed that he’s broken two of his ribs:

"A little scoop for you Bloomington, last night I did break two of my ribs. And the thought [backstage] was 'Well, you can take off
Bloomington, you can take off Kalamazoo. You can even take off next Friday where the story began in 1978, New York City' And my answer to that was emphatically, 100% 'Hell No!'"

It’s unclear if this is a kayfabe injury, as it’s possible that Rhodes is selling the vicious beatdown from the debuting Jacob Fatu.

It was reported this past week that the creative plans for the WWE Champion include a SummerSlam showdown with Solo Sikoa.

In relation to Money in the Bank in just under two-weeks, it’s possible that Rhodes doesn’t defend on the PLE card. Based on his current storyline on TV, it would make sense for Rhodes to team with Kevin Owens and Randy Orton to take on 3 members of The Bloodline. This would be a fantastic debut match for Jacob Fatu and would help plant the seeds for Rhodes vs. Sikoa at SummerSlam.

The idea of Rhodes vs. Sikoa at SummerSlam hasn’t exactly been met with positive reviews from fans. Fans have been questioning if Sikoa is ready, so WWE have a tough task in convincing fans that Rhodes vs. Sikoa is a big enough match for one of their biggest PLEs of the calendar year.

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