Cody Rhodes' Next Feud Revealed?

6/14/2024 2:05 PM

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Cody Rhodes' Next Feud Revealed?

Cody Rhodes' Next Feud Revealed?

June 14, 2024 2:05 PM
Cody Rhodes' Next Feud Revealed?
WWE News


Is Cody Rhodes set to feud with Solo Sikoa on SmackDown?

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rhodes vs. Sikoa is the big destination match:

“It would appear right now the big destination match for Rhodes would be Solo Sikoa, although whenever Roman Reigns returns (which appears to be as a babyface), that would be the biggest match of all other than the expected Rock match at next year’s Mania.”

Rhodes is to be challenged by AJ Styles tomorrow night at Clash at the Castle II.

In the latest issue, Meltzer also discussed Clash at the Castle, and he revealed that McIntyre is the favourite to win the World Title:

“Drew McIntyre, who grew up in Scotland and was just put into the Scotland Wrestling Hall of Fame, is the favorite to beat Damien Priest and win the WWE world heavyweight title. The feeling is that with McIntyre having lost to Roman Reigns at the first Clash of the Castle due to outside interference, they wouldn’t want to do it again. In addition, the stipulation that all of the Judgment Day members are banned from ringside due to McIntyre’s win over Finn Balor, that there is the expectation even more of the win. Even though usually a heel, McIntyre was portrayed as a babyface on the go-home Raw because of the expectation of how the crowd will react.”