Cody Rhodes Re-Signs With WWE

3/31/2024 8:17 AM

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Cody Rhodes Re-Signs With WWE

Cody Rhodes Re-Signs With WWE

March 31, 2024 8:17 AM
Cody Rhodes Re-Signs With WWE
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Great news for fans of Cody Rhodes, as The American Nightmare has confirmed during an interview with Justin Walker that he has re-signed with WWE.

Rhodes had previously stated that he plans on retiring from wrestling at the age of 40. However, in the interview with Walker, Rhodes stated that retiring at 40 is now out of the question, as he has re-signed with WWE, and his contract goes beyond the point of him turning 40:

"I can tell you 40 is out of the question just because, not to give you scoop, it was widely reported, but I did sign a new contract with WWE. It extends beyond my 40th birthday. The plan is still when it’s time to step out, to step out without it being a painful process…”

It was reported late last year that Rhodes had re-signed with the company, yet this is the first time that Rhodes has confirmed the report in any official capacity. This is major news for WWE, as Rhodes has ascended to become the face of the company over the past 15-months or so, and now with Rhodes signed for several more years, WWE can continue building the entire company around him.