Cody Rhodes Shoots On Liaising With AEW

10/9/2023 10:48 PM

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Cody Rhodes Shoots On Liaising With AEW

Cody Rhodes Shoots On Liaising With AEW

October 9, 2023 10:48 PM
Cody Rhodes Shoots On Liaising With AEW
Wrestling News

Cody Rhodes drops a major shoot during WWE Fastlane's Press Conference

It’s no secret that Cody Rhodes being in WWE was a big reason as to why Jade Cargill jumped ship. Due to Rhodes’ friendships with other key names in AEW, there have been rumours that WWE may utilise Rhodes to sign AEW’s biggest stars.

However, appearing on the Fastlane press conference, Rhodes discussed Cargill’s WWE signing, and Rhodes outright stated that he has no plans to be the official liaison between the two companies:

“I’m just very proud. Now, the work begins. There is a mindset here at WWE that did not exist, maybe it did and I didn’t notice it, but didn’t exist when I was here the first time and it is the most team-minded group that I’ve ever seen as far as the show comes together.

He followed this up saying:

"This is an individual business, it’s tricky, it’s political, it’s show business. That team mindset, what we have, has proved to be so fruitful. Now, I just hope she can rise to the challenge and occasion. I think, for sure, she’ll be able to."

Rhodes then finished things off:

“It’s not going to be my job to be the liaison to my former peers or whomever. I would hope everyone does what’s right for them. It’s what’s right for you.”

Cody Rhodes is now one half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions with Jey Uso, and whilst it looks like Rhodes will be in the tag division for the foreseeable future, Rhodes alluded to finishing the story at the press conference, so it looks like Rhodes becoming WWE Champion is still the end goal both for Rhodes and for WWE.

Image: Alex Bierens De Haan/Getty Images