Cora Jade's Injury Could Sideline Her for Months

1/15/2024 11:11 PM

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Cora Jade's Injury Could Sideline Her for Months

Cora Jade's Injury Could Sideline Her for Months

January 15, 2024 11:11 PM
Cora Jade's Injury Could Sideline Her for Months
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What Happened to Rising NXT Star?

Cora Jade's injury could sideline her for months. Jade (aka Brianna Coda) was injured during a match against Lyra Valkyrie on the 9 January edition of NXT. The match was stopped, and trainers checked on Cora. There were concerns the talented tumbler may have suffered a torn ACL. Now, we're learning more about her injury.

Dave Meltzer tweeted about the nature of Cora's injury:

How Bad is a Torn ACL?

If Cora Jade did suffer a torn ACL, she's likely going to be sidelined for months. A torn ACL is something particularly problematic for athletes:

A torn ACL can’t heal on its own, but it’s possible to live with it (especially if you have a low-grade tear). But if you’re an athlete or want to return to physical activity, you’ll need surgery to repair your ACL. Most people choose to have an ACL tear surgically repaired. It usually takes six to nine months to recover from a torn ACL. Competitive athletes may need a little longer than this to heal fully before they’re cleared to return to their sport.

H/T Cleveland Clinic

Jade's injury is the latest in a string of similar injuries suffered by various NXT Superstars. This has led to concerns about whether the WWE needs to address these injuries and see if they are random or the result of situations that can be minimized or eliminated.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed this on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio:

"I've had people - this was before Cora Jade was hurt, this was when Sol Roca went down and a couple of the others, Wendy Choo, Nikkita Lyons -  just telling me that they were questioning the method of training when it feels like all the women - Tegan Nox got two of them, one on each leg I believe - just questioning what they are doing in training because historically women don't get torn ACLs left and right,"

H/T Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

A Rising Star on the Black-and-Gold Brand

Cora Jade (who recently turned 23) has been one of NXT's rising stars since her January 2021 debut. Less than a year after her debut she was placed on Raquel Rodriguez' War Games team. In 2022, Jade teamed with Roxanne Perez, capturing the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship from Jacy Jayne and Gig Dolin at The Great American Bash.

Jade shocked the world (not to mention her partner) when she turned on Perez, costing Roxanne her chance at defeating then-NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose for the title. Jade dumped the title and Perez, launching a feud against Roxanne.

Since then, Cora has been in several high profile matches as she's continued her quest for the NXT Women's Championship. Jade returned to NXT after a four-month absence only to suffer her injury last week.

Cora Jade's Injury Could Sideline Her for Months

WrestleLamia will continue following this story and sends its best to Cora Jade for a fast and full recovery.

Photo Credit: WWE