Could John Cena's Recent Injuries Mean an End to WWE Career?

11/13/2023 3:05 PM

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Could John Cena's Recent Injuries Mean an End to WWE Career?

Could John Cena's Recent Injuries Mean an End to WWE Career?

November 13, 2023 3:05 PM
Could John Cena's Recent Injuries Mean an End to WWE Career?
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What Was the Physical Toll Cena Took During Recent Run?

Could John Cena's recent injuries mean an end to his WWE career? Although the WWE Universe enjoyed John Cena's unexpected return to the company over the last few months, it took its toll on his body. Cena, whose busy Hollywood schedule has kept him from making frequent appearances, took advantage of the recent Screen Actors Guild strike to make an extended return to the WWE. The 16-time world champion worked several matches and made regular appearances on WWE TV.

Unfortunately, Cena did not escape without being injured. Cena recently discussed a surgery he underwent as well as one coming in the near future:

Dave Meltzer discussed the future WWE Hall of Famer's injuries and how it might affect a future in-ring return:

"He might do a comeback next year, but now that the strike’s over, the only reason he’s back is because of the strike. He fulfilled his commitments and everything. He’s having surgery on both elbows, so you know, that’s you know, he didn’t do a lot. He really didn’t wrestle a lot, but he still ended up with two surgeries, so that says that maybe he won’t do. It’s not like he was doing anything crazy in the ring again. I would expect him to do a WrestleMania match or something like that, and maybe sporadic TVs, but not a whole hell of a lot.”

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Cena's Choices: Act or Wrestle

Now that the strike is over, Cena can't afford to get injured and miss time from a movie shoot. During Fastlane's post-PLE news conference, Cena explained why he can only work in one world at a time:

"I've made it perfectly clear you can't do both because of the liability insurance," Cena said. "And if I were to try and juggle both, that would be incredibly selfish because I'd put a lot of people in the movie business out of work if something happened to me."

H/T Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

While it hasn't been confirmed, the current belief is that Cena was injured in one or more of his matches. This invites the argument whether it's wise to even consider an in-ring return down the road. Cena himself has said that several times that he believes his career is nearing its end.

The man whose "Doctor of Thuganomics" persona launched him into stardom also revealed how he was able to wrestle, despite the actors' strike. There were strict limitations on what outside appearances actors could make. Cena told Corey Graves on a recent After the Bell that:

So we called the proper people at SAG, we got written, legal okay that it would be okay to come back to WWE. And once I had that, then I could ask the question of, ‘Hey, WWE, do you guys want me to come back and hang out for a little bit?’ So -- here we are.

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Do you think John Cena should return to the ring if his schedule allows it?