Details Remain Sketchy About Seth Rollins' Physical Condition

1/18/2024 10:03 PM

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Details Remain Sketchy About Seth Rollins' Physical Condition

Details Remain Sketchy About Seth Rollins' Physical Condition

January 18, 2024 10:03 PM
Details Remain Sketchy About Seth Rollins' Physical Condition
WWE News

Is WWE Superstar Injured or Not?

Details remain sketchy about Seth Rollins' physical condition following what appeared to be "The Visionary" suffering a leg injury during the 15 January episode of RAW. Now, PWTorch's Wade Keller (who previously reported on Rollins' potential injury) is reporting that there is considerable speculation about Seth's status.

Keller commented on Seth's condition during the PW Torch Podcast:

“Connecting some dots, I am thinking it’s not good news but I don’t know how bad the news is. The reason for that is, I’ve asked a bunch of people and some of whom would likely be privy to what’s going on who won’t comment. I understand there’s internal policies on that. But I would think if he was fine and he ‘walked it off’ [then] we’d be hearing that. Now it’s possible they’re gonna do a story on television because the news of Seth’s injury has gone crazy.

Keller went on to explain: 

This is my long winded way of saying I don’t know but I’m passing along transparently [from] one of the wrestlers who was around him Monday night after Raw [and] just said, ‘I don’t think it’s good. My gut says injury. Maybe he’ll work through it, he’s tough.’ Another colleague of his said that he thought Seth, because of his history of injuries, would have had a good idea if he should finish a match with the injury and if he should be walking on it backstage. Because he finished the match and because he was able to walk on it, that it might be one of those situations where he just needs to rest it for a few weeks. But even that wrestler wasn’t ruling out that it could be worse.”

H/T Ringside News

Unfortunately, it's impossible to go by speculation. There have been previous cases where a wrestler sold an injury in the ring and backstage. It's possible this is just a storyline. As fans saw with Cora Jade (who Dave Meltzer reported suffered a torn ACL but the WWE waited days to confirm), the WWE reports on injuries only when it is ready.

A Bad Situation

It's often been said that there's never a good time for injuries, but as fans know, The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are the worst times for an injury. The WWE will  have to scramble if Seth is injured to the point where he'll need to take several months off. Judging from the segments involving Seth Rollins and CM Punk it was obvious the WWE wanted to book them in a main event match at WrestleMania. While the WWE is used to making changes to programs, this could still shake up WrestleMania in a big way.

Seth Rollins, Wrestling's Walking Wounded

On the other hand, Seth may be able to work through any potential injury. Whether or not it's a wise course of action, wrestling has seen several stars work through injuries when they should be healing up. Whether it's Kenny Omega and MJF in AEW or Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins in the WWE, some wrestlers are unwilling to take time off unless they are forced to by medical staff.

Seth Rollins has been working through injuries for some time. While it's always tricky trying to figure out where kayfabe ends and reality begins, Seth has made it clear repeatedly that he has back issues and he'll need time off.

You can be certain that Rollins will want to wrestle if his injury is something he can work through or deal with through physical rehab. It may not be the most prudent option, but Rollins' dedication to his fans and his craft makes it hard to imagine him doing anything but wrestling.

WrestleLamia will continue following this story. Do you think Seth is injured? Is it impossible to tell right now?