Did Cody Rhodes Go Off Script?

5/19/2024 11:48 AM

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Did Cody Rhodes Go Off Script?

Did Cody Rhodes Go Off Script?

May 19, 2024 11:48 AM
Did Cody Rhodes Go Off Script?
WWE News

WWE were forced to pivot.

Speaking of Brian Gewirtz, during his interview on the aforementioned podcast, he made an interesting revelation regarding reigning WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes.

According to the celebrated writer, in the infamous segment which saw Rhodes surrender his WrestleMania XL spot to The Rock, Rhodes was supposed to act completely different:

“Cody is a human being who is genuine and real, and he wears his heart and emotion on his sleeve…The idea was supposed to be, it’s like the Nixon-Kenedy debate a little bit where you read the transcript, you’re like ‘Nixon kicked his ass.’ If you watch the actual footage, ‘Oh, he was a sweaty terrible mess.’ Cody, it was supposed to be, in some form, ‘Yeah…Go get em Rock! You’re going to get your ass kicked, Roman! Let’s do this!’ and this uplifting promo. Instead, he looked like someone shot his dog in the face in the parking lot. Just look at his expression…”

Fans are already reacting to Gewirtz’s comments on social media. Fans are questioning why Gewirtz is blaming Rhodes for the segment not turning out well, as even if Rhodes acted in a positive manner, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome and the reception to the segment. The segment was terrible, yet in hindsight, it ultimately didn’t matter, as the pivot WWE embarked on was in everyone’s best interests, and it resulted in some stellar programming on the road to WrestleMania XL.

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