Did John Cena Tease His Retirement?

11/4/2023 7:54 PM

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Did John Cena Tease His Retirement?

Did John Cena Tease His Retirement?

November 4, 2023 7:54 PM
Did John Cena Tease His Retirement?
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Cena's Cryptic Social Media Post Fuels Speculation

Did John Cena tease his retirement? Cena came up short at Crown Jewel against Solo Sikoa, with "The Enforcer" laying him out with at least four Samoan Spikes. Cena finally got to his feet and exited the ring as the fans gave him a standing ovation. This was followed by "Thank you Cena" chants, as Cena paused to acknowledge the fans' cheers.

Signs Cena is Retiring

The question of Cena's retirement has come up several times in 2023. Cena's return to active competition during the Screen Actors' Guild strike has seen Cena give several interviews, many of them which included Cena discussing how he knows his career is winding down.

Another sign of Cena contemplating retirement was his recent interview where he said he felt his Crown Jewel match with Solo Sikoa was a must-win. Who can blame him? Cena hasn't won a singles match on TV since 2018.

Cena's loss and him more or less acknowledging the fans' send-off can't be dismissed as just an emotional response. There's more to the story however. Cena posted a picture on his Instagram account of David Beckham's final game.

If Cena has worked his last match, he's gone out on top. Yes, Cena lost but he put over Solo Sikoa on his way out, one of the greatest gifts a retiring Superstar can bestow on another.

Do you think John Cena has retired?