Did Tony Khan BAN Talent From Watching WWE?

5/19/2024 11:51 AM

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Did Tony Khan BAN Talent From Watching WWE?

Did Tony Khan BAN Talent From Watching WWE?

May 19, 2024 11:51 AM
Did Tony Khan BAN Talent From Watching WWE?
AEW News

There's no way...

The 2023 Royal Rumble saw Cody Rhodes return from injury and win the Rumble for the first time in his career.

It has now been revealed by Konnan, that AEW talent were told that they weren’t permitted to watch the show. Talking about this on his podcast, the former US Champion stated:

”But bro, he had given out that day the order that if he found out anybody was watching Cody at the Royal Rumble when he returned and won, he [Tony Khan] basically gave an edict: ‘I better not find anybody watching that show.'”

Konnan has made a number of AEW appearances, and he does have a friendship with numerous talents within the company. Whilst Konnan’s claims do indeed seem drastic, it’s unlikely that Konnan would make something like this up, and it will be interesting to see if Khan formally comments on the report.

It goes without saying that if this is true, then it raises alarm bells. Khan outright banning his talent from watching WWE is way too far, and this is not something that he should be dictating towards his talent.

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