Dominik Done in NXT?

12/14/2023 9:27 PM

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Dominik Done in NXT?

Dominik Done in NXT?

December 14, 2023 9:27 PM
Dominik Done in NXT?
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What's Next for "Dirty" Dom After NXT?

Is Dominik Mysterio done in NXT? "Dirty" Dominik has been crushing it on the black-and-gold brand ever since he captured the North American Championship. However, Ringside News' Nitish Vashishtha thinks The Judgment Day member is done following his title loss to Dragon Lee. That's not the only reason though:

The speculation of Dominik being weened off NXT comes after he was replaced on the NXT show’s banner on WWE’s official website by Dragon Lee. If this is the case, then Dominik is likely to be done with the North American title as well.

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Dominik's work continues to draw praise from fans and his fellow wrestlers. "Dirty" Dom continues to improve as a worker and he is a genuine heat magnet who knows how to anger the fans without generating "go-away" heat.

A Successful Endeavor

Dominik's run on NXT has to be considered a success. Mysterio increased ratings when he was on and his presence on RAW and NXT didn't dilute his value as a heel. Indeed, Mysterio and several other main roster stars (including Rey Mysterio, Becky Lynch, and "Dirty" Dom's fellow Judgment Day teammates) helped elevate NXT's ratings when they appeared. The case can be made that the ratings increase helped the WWE negotiate its TV rights deal with the CW for NXT, a rights deal which is bringing more money in for the WWE.

What's Next for Rey Mysterio's Wayward Son?

What's next for Dominik if he's finished on NXT? His Judgment Day teammates Finn Balor and Damien Priest have the Undisputed Tag Team Championship, leaving the World Heavyweight Championship or the Intercontinental Championship. While "Dirty" Dom could compete for Seth's title, he's unlikely to compete for the Intercontinental Title as long as Gunther holds it.

However, there are many wrestlers "Dirty" Dom can feud with. One wrestler who shouldn't be ruled out is Rey Mysterio. Although Rey and Dom are on separate brands, rumors persist the two will lock up again at WrestleMania 40, perhaps even in a hair vs mask match.

Although there's tension between The Judgment Day's members, the group is unlikely to break up. Instead, it appears Damien Priest will leave, which could lead to Dominik and his teammates feuding with "The Archer of Infamy." 

What's next for Dominik if he's done in NXT? Would you like to see him return at some point? 

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