Drew McIntyre Has Never Been Better

2/1/2024 2:20 AM

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Drew McIntyre Has Never Been Better

Drew McIntyre Has Never Been Better

February 1, 2024 2:20 AM
Drew McIntyre Has Never Been Better
WWE News

The Scottish S.O.B. Has Arrived

Drew McIntyre has never been better. While it's tricky to say there's a consensus with wrestling fans (good luck with that one), many fans have quickly taken a liking to Drew McIntyre and his current persona.

Make Way for "The Scottish S.O.B."

"The Scottish Warrior" is no more as Drew McIntyre's bitterness has turned him into a hardened heel. That doesn't mean he's reverted to his "Scottish Psychopath" character. No, Drew is just a mean and miserable S.O.B. who takes pleasure in other people's misery. The most recent example was on RAW where Drew seemed to drink CM Punk's tears after "The Straight Edge Superstar" poured out his heart to the fans about his disappointment at not being able to make it to WrestleMania 40 due to his tricep injury.

While Punk made it clear this is just a setback, that didn't stop Drew McIntyre from showing up and taking a victory lap around Punk's heartbreak. Rather than repeat Drew's comments to Punk, check out the video below if you haven't seen the segment. If you have seen it, you'll enjoy it again. If you want to get to the good part (that is, Drew just laying it on thick as he takes near-euphoric pleasure in Punk's setback) click to the 8-minute mark when Drew storms the ring.

Drew McIntyre is providing the WWE Universe with a different type of heel. Not too long back WrestleLamia threw out the idea that the WWE can benefit from a heel like MJF, a scumbag who looks out for number one and never lets the fans forget what he thinks about them. WrestleLamia noted that the WWE shouldn't copy MJF but find someone who could put their own spin on being the kind of guy the fans love to hate.

It appears the WWE has that person. Drew McIntyre is no MJF. He's his own heel and he's quickly developed a habit for blaming everyone but himself for his shortcomings. He's also developed a wicked sense of humor by seemingly sympathizing with babyfaces only to make it all about himself. For example, it wasn't that long ago that Drew said he admires Cody wanting to finish his story but then added he (Drew) has to finish his story first.

Drew delights in kicking people when they're down and capitalizing on their misery. Perhaps the best part about it is that the WWE is booking him as a complete badass. You might get a win over Drew, but he won't let you get away without a post-match beatdown or backstage ambush. He's never been more dangerous.

He's also never been funnier. Check out some of Drew's delightful posts on X about CM Punk:

If Drew McIntyre keeps this up, he'll be back at the top of the main event; at least if the WWE knows what's best for business. Drew is the type of heel that many fans can hate, but there will also be a sizable contingent who enjoy his sarcasm and badassery.

It's about time, too, because the WWE has squandered McIntyre's talents for the last two years. His career went into the toilet when he was drafted to SmackDown and had to go through one bad program after another (highlighted by his feud against Happy Corbin, another misused wrestler).

What's even more disappointing is that McIntyre has been a team player, taking whatever role the WWE has thrown at him and often doing so regardless of how banged up or how sick he's been.

Hopefully, it's happy days for Drew McIntyre and the WWE will continue with his "Scottish S.O.B." persona. If nothing else, at least he got rid of that stupid sword.

What do you think of Drew McIntyre's current run in the WWE? 

Photo Credit: WWE