Drew McIntyre Shoots On CM Punk

3/16/2024 9:10 PM

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Drew McIntyre Shoots On CM Punk

Drew McIntyre Shoots On CM Punk

March 16, 2024 9:10 PM
Drew McIntyre Shoots On CM Punk
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The feud continues...

During an interview with Gorilla Position in the UK, Drew McIntyre confirmed his negative stance on Punk as a human being, and McIntyre went as far as calling Punk a “terrible human being”:

“I mean I’ve been pretty honest about my opinions, huge name, has a lot of attention from not just the hardcore fans but the casual fan base know exactly who he is, he sells tickets and he’s a draw but he’s a terrible human being and I was around him when I grew up and there’s instances I haven’t talked about perhaps I wouldn’t talk about till it’s face to face with him but he knows and those certain feelings seem to seems like much hasn’t changed from talking to people that I know regarding his personality and he came back I felt a certain way.”

McIntyre also discussed the fact that Punk never apologised to him for his past mistreatment, and this is something McIntyre has taken personally.

McIntyre confirmed during his interview with Gorilla Position, that he would like to wrestle CM Punk at SummerSlam in a World Title showdown. This is a match that fans have been fantasy booking ever since Punk returned to WWE, and it will surely be a huge match for WWE to book at their summer spectacular.

Whether this match goes down all depends on whether Punk will be ready to return. Reports indicated that Punk would be ready to return to the ring by the summer, and another factor is whether McIntyre re-signs with WWE. With McIntyre openly talking about the match he would like for SummerSlam, surely this is a key indicator that he has re-signed with the company?

We will no doubt know some more information regarding McIntyre’s contractual status coming out of WrestleMania XL in three weeks.

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