Five Bold AEW Predictions For 2024

12/28/2023 7:28 AM

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Five Bold AEW Predictions For 2024

Five Bold AEW Predictions For 2024

December 28, 2023 7:28 AM
Five Bold AEW Predictions For 2024

Five predictions that could happen in AEW next year.

Another year is in the books for AEW! AEW has had plenty of highs such as the entire Adam Cole and MJF saga and the Continental Classic, but the company isn’t without its lows either.

Nevertheless, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year. With MJF entering his second year as the top champion, and Sting retiring at Revolution, there’s so much that could happen in 2024. Below are five predictions that COULD likely happen in the company next year. A lot of it’s based on the stories that are currently being told, though there may be a dark horse prediction thrown in as well. 

Swerve Strickland WILL Win The AEW World Championship At Double or Nothing

There is no one hotter on the AEW roster than Swerve Strickland. Even though his star didn’t truly rise until he feuded with Hangman Page, Strickland had plenty of memorable moments and matches before his resurgence in popularity. What the former AEW World Tag Team Champion has proven is that HE is a main event star who can carry the company in the future. 

It’s not just the fact that he’s a fantastic wrestler. But there’s a charisma and swag about him that’s currently unmatched on the AEW roster. Looking back throughout the year, it does seem that the company has been priming him for something big throughout the year. He’s been getting consistent television time since his break-up with Keith Lee, and he’s had showcase matches against Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin, and Daniel Bryan. 

He’s also been constantly talking about being the first Black AEW World Champion. Honestly, it would be shocking if Swerve doesn’t win the belt by All In. There’s only so long that you can keep someone’s momentum going unless he has another hot feud with an AEW star. Given the way his match with Jon Moxley ended, these two have the best chance of having an incredible feud. If this does happen and Swerve wins again, then it’s all but guaranteed that he’s the next AEW World’s Champion.

Athena Will Hold Both The TBS Championship and ROH Women’s Title By The End Of The Year

One of the best-kept secrets in professional wrestling is that ROH has a thriving women’s division. A big reason for that is due to Athena, who’s delivering the best work of her career. It’s a mistake that she’s not on Dynamite because she’s killing it every week, but I can see a title vs. title match with Athena emerging as the winner of said bout. Athena’s star has been on the rise for the past year, and it would be shocking if Tony Khan didn’t give her more Dynamite or Collision appearances in 2024. 

The Blackpool Combat Club Will Turn On Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has always struck me as the lone wolf type. Even though he comes from The Shield, the former AEW World Champion is a different man than when he made his WWE debut 12 years ago. When the BCC formed, it was a cool faction that had some purpose, especially with William Regal steering the wheel. But the purpose has been lost within translation in the past year or so. 

There’s no drive to keep the group together. The purpose seems to only keep Moxley and Danielson busy and out of the main event scene. Some of the members are heels. Then some are faces. The dynamic has gotten a bit muddled and it’s not for the sake of storytelling. The original concept of the BCC is a cool idea and I can easily see them being given some focus in 2024.

It is great that Moxley has been keeping busy on the roster, but it’s time for a change in his character. Whether it’s hanging around the TNT title scene to make it more relevant, or being forced out of the BCC, something big WILL happen with the group. Moxley doesn’t need them. He never did. It would be cool if the group found a purpose to stay together, but if it doesn’t then it’s time to disband and move on to something better.

Willow Nightingale Will Emerge As The Breakout Star In The Women’s Division

Willow Nightingale has been on the cusp of breaking out for some time now, especially after her star-making performance against Athena at Death Before Dishonor. It’s also clear that Tony Khan likes the AEW star as she’s featured prominently on Dynamite and Collision. 

With Mariah May likely becoming the next AEW Women’s Champion, Willow is likely to grab the TBS Championship. It could be before Athena wins the belt, circling back to their incredible encounter at Death Before Dishonor. Or it could be after Athena wins the belt, with Willow avenging her 2023 loss. Either way, Willow winning an AEW title is certainly a given at this point. 

Orange Cassidy Will Finally Step Into The Main Event Scene

Orange Cassidy is the reason the International Title has prestige. Of course, it helps that he was booked to be a strong (yet vulnerable) champion, but Cassidy has proven why he’s one of the best wrestlers in AEW. He’s always on the verge of being in the main event, but given how crowded the AEW World title scene is right now, it’s likely best that he’s back to being the International Champion. I don’t see him winning the AEW World title this year, but I can see creative beginning his journey to becoming the world champion after All Out. It’ll likely be similar to Hangman’s title chase; a year-long story that has ups and downs in his pursuit for the championship. Then finally, Cassidy will win the big prize in 2025.