Five Bold Predictions For WWE In 2024

12/29/2023 6:33 AM

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Five Bold Predictions For WWE In 2024

Five Bold Predictions For WWE In 2024

December 29, 2023 6:33 AM
Five Bold Predictions For WWE In 2024

Five predictions that could take place in WWE next year.

Another year is in the books for WWE! This has been a fantastic year for the professional wrestling company on both the main roster and NXT. WWE has had plenty of highs such as the entire Bloodline saga and CM Punk’s return, but the company isn’t without its lows either.

Nevertheless, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year. With Roman Reigns entering his third year as the top champion, Damian Priest still holding onto the Money in the Bank briefcase, and CM Punk making his first WrestleMania appearance in over a decade, there’s so much that could happen in the following year. Below are five predictions that COULD happen in the company next year. A lot of it’s based on the stories that are currently being told, though there may be a dark horse prediction thrown in as well. 

Cody will NOT Finish The Story At WrestleMania 40

This has nothing to do with the return of CM Punk. It just feels that Cody isn’t going to be the guy to finally topple Roman Reigns. I hope that Cody does beat Reigns for the belt because he’s certainly earned it. The story of him never capturing the WWE title certainly dictates that Cody HAS to beat Reigns for the belt. But realistically speaking, Cody doesn’t have to be the man to beat Roman Reigns.

He’s a star already. Roman Reigns has been dominating this company for nearly three years. His first big loss would be better suited for an up-and-coming wrestler with a bright future. Enter Solo Sikoa. WWE has teased some dissension between him and Sikoa in the past. Plus, the company just gave the former NXT North American Champion a huge win over John Cena in a lopsided victory. 

It would be shocking if Roman’s title reign ends without ever facing Solo Sikoa for the belt. Even then, there are still the possible Rock and CM Punk matches. Those don’t need a belt, but it may be lucrative to advertise this as a huge championship fight. Hopefully, I’m wrong and Cody does finally take down Roman. But his stock to beat “The Tribal Chief” is shrouded in mystery because there are so many different reasons why Roman shouldn’t drop the belt yet. Even so, it’s time for him to lose those titles because there isn’t much else for him to do besides the opponents mentioned above. 

Seth Rollins WILL Beat CM Punk, But WILL Ultimately Drop The Belt To Damian Priest

CM Punk doesn’t need the World Heavyweight title. In fact, it would be smart if the company didn’t give him the belt. Ignoring all the drama that happened in AEW, CM Punk proved that he was injury-prone. At this point in Punk’s career, he’s simply better as an attraction. Sure, he can get big wins here and there to keep his top-star status, but winning the big title shouldn’t come this easy for him. 

It’s clear that Triple H likes Damian Priest, and it would be surprising if he cashed in and lost. However, it wouldn’t be too shocking if he dropped the belt pretty quickly. Priest deserves to be in the main event, but his booking just hasn’t treated him like a top star. He loses singles matches more often than not and his leadership continues to be put into question. Nevertheless, I can see a big WrestleMania moment of him beating Rollins after a hard-fought victory. 

Carmelo Hayes WILL Beat Gunther For The Intercontinental Title At WrestleMania

Carmelo Hayes is main roster bound pretty soon. He’s fresh off his brief showcases in the United States title tournament. Sure, he didn’t last long, but the former NXT Champion didn’t feel out of place when facing Grayson Waller and Kevin Owens. Plus, he’s done all that he can do in NXT. Hayes is a star, and I get the feeling that WWE officials have that mindset too. 

Gunther’s title run has been extraordinary but it would be shocking if it goes past WrestleMania. There have been whispers that Chad Gable will be the man responsible for dethroning the Intercontinental Champion, but Gable’s booking has fallen off since losing to the Imperium leader. 

Beating Gunther will also make a star instantly, if done correctly of course. Carmelo Hayes has shown to be a dynamic performer as both a heel and face. Something big will happen with a newcomer and having the former NXT Champion dethrone the longest reigning IC champion is certainly a great way to start a main roster run. 

Roxanne Perez Will Beat Rhea Ripley For The Women’s World Title

Ripley’s run still feels new, so it’s unlikely that she will drop the belt anytime soon. Of course, I could be wrong. A match against Becky Lynch appears to be the direction for WrestleMania, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if Lynch emerges as the new champion. But I can see Ripley keeping the belt for a lengthy period, even if Judgment Day implodes. 

Between Summerslam and Survivor Series, Ripley will drop the belt. Again, Rhea has been built so strong that anyone who topples the champion will be made into a star. The classic David vs. Goliath scenario applies here. Roxanne Perez is ready for the main roster and she can easily play the underdog babyface. All signs point to WWE backing her in the booking department as a new and fresh babyface on the main roster. Though with Perez still being young, her staying in NXT for another year is quite likely as well. 

Santos Escobar Will Win The Money in the Bank Ladder match

With the introduction of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, I can easily see guys like Santos Escobar holding that belt for a brief time. While I don’t particularly feel that he’ll be the world champ in 2024, he does feel primed for a major singles run in the following year. Escobar is pretty good on the mic and even better inside the ring. 

The popular votes have guys like LA Knight winning the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2024, but Knight will likely run the mid-card division for a lengthy period with my dark horse pick going to Escobar for being Mr. MITB.