Five Men On The AEW Roster That Deserve A Push In 2024

12/19/2023 5:55 AM

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Five Men On The AEW Roster That Deserve A Push In 2024

Five Men On The AEW Roster That Deserve A Push In 2024

December 19, 2023 5:55 AM
Five Men On The AEW Roster That Deserve A Push In 2024

The five men who deserve a decent push in 2024.

There have been plenty of Highs and Lows in AEW, but new names have emerged as top stars in the company. Swerve Strickland is finally getting a well deserved push, whereas other names like Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, and Christian Cage are getting a good spotlight on them currently. 

However, there’s so many names on the AEW roster that have yet to be given much of a chance to prove themselves on Dynamite & Collision. AEW has over 125 active wrestlers on their roster, so it isn’t an easy feat to feature every single man and woman in a span of five hours (that includes Rampage), but these five men deserve to be given a stronger push in the coming year. 


The whole CJ Perry story is a convoluted mess. Miro’s entire AEW run has been an odd journey. He started out in a pointless tag team then ventured into the TNT title scene. Miro was at his best during this time because his run highlighted all of his strengths; Miro is a strong worker, with loads of charisma, so it is weird that he’s never been in contention for the world title. Get him away from this weird CJ Perry story and involve him more in the main title picture. Miro’s current stint is reminiscent of his twilight years in WWE, which is not good. 

Malakai Black

Malakai Black has not had a singles match since June 2022. The concept of House of Black is cool, but the former NXT Champion is wasting his time in the trios division when he should be fighting for the world title as well. His debut promised a big future; Black squashing Cody in his first match was one of the more memorable moments in AEW.

But Tony Khan has yet to reach the full potential of the WWE alumni. It’s time to change his status as a singles competitor and finally let him do his thing as a solo act. The House of Black doesn’t have to break up, but it would be nice if these three got a chance to showcase their talents as individual stars. Brody King is currently doing that during the Continental Classic. Let’s hope that extends to Matthews and Black as well.

Proud N Powerful (Mike Santana and Ortiz)

Yes, I know that Proud N Powerful is officially done in AEW, but both are strong talents that have been equally ignored in AEW. It was baffling that these two never won the AEW World Tag Team titles because they were so darn good in Impact Wrestling. These two have proven that they’re not only great inside of the ring, but next-level talkers as well. I don’t particularly know if they’re main event-worthy, but these two should be given a shot at competing for a mid-card title. It was disappointing that their entire feud took place on Rampage, but at the very least, it highlighted the talents of each man. Hopefully, there’s something in the books for both of them because it’s a shame that they’re wasting away doing nothing. Out of everyone in the Inner Circle, the former LAX seemed to have the brightest future. 

Keith Lee

Speaking of wasted potential, what the hell happened to Keith Lee? For some odd reason, his feud with Swerve Strickland never came to light. He’s been wasting away on television doing nothing but random matches that don’t serve much of a purpose. 

It’s a shame as the former NXT Champion is in the same boat as Miro and Black; a talented ex-WWE performer who has gotten lost in the shuffle. At least Black and Miro are doing something. Lee is just wasting away in Ring of Honor. Lee was an exciting and dynamic performer who was built like a heavyweight but moves like a cruiserweight. He stands out in a good way on the AEW roster and the fact that he hasn’t at least won the TNT belt is surprising. 

Hopefully, Tony Khan finally pulls the trigger on the former AEW Tag Team Champion. I’m not saying he NEEDS to win the world title anytime soon, but it would be nice if HE did something of note in 2024. 


Hook was a missed opportunity in 2020. He captured lighting in the bottle by getting massively over with fans, but creative never capitalized on his popularity. Hook is young and has so much promise as a future main event star. Is he a perfect wrestler? No, but his charisma is undeniable and he’s a good hand in the ring thus far. 

As cool as it is to see former WWE guys come in AEW, Tony Khan needs to focus on pushing homegrown talent as well. Just like MJF, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and Jack Perry are the future of the company, Hook can be too if given the proper spotlight.