"Former WWE Champion" Rumored to Appear at Day 1

12/29/2023 11:02 PM

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 "Former WWE Champion" Rumored to Appear at Day 1

"Former WWE Champion" Rumored to Appear at Day 1

December 29, 2023 11:02 PM
 "Former WWE Champion" Rumored to Appear at Day 1
WWE News

Several Possibilities for Return

A "former WWE champion" is rumored to appear at Day 1 but who could it be? The WWE has been locking down currently signed talent and there have also been rumors of the company bringing in former WWE Superstars as well as new talent. The 1 January 2024 edition of RAW is already shaping up to be a big night and it could get even bigger if the following story pans out.

Fightful Select is reporting that:

Sources within WWE, while speaking vaguely, claimed that the company is "on the one yard line" in landing a former WWE Champion to appear on the show, and they feel confident they can get the deal done.

H/T Fightful Select

Possible Candidates

The first question is what the WWE means by "former WWE Champion." This could be anyone from a former 24/7 Champion to a former WWE or Universal Champion (not to mention a Women's Champion). Let's look at some suspects:

Sasha Banks (aka Mercedes Mone): Rumors have been picking up ever since the news broke that there were no longer any negotiations between Mercedes Mone and AEW. In addition, the current belief is that Mone is not under contract to New Japan which means she can work wherever she wishes. Having Banks return at Day 1 would be big but it seems like something better suited for The Royal Rumble as it would be a huge surprise.

Big E: Wrestling News' Angel Aramboles brought up a current discussion on social media:

There are some on social media who are speculating that this could be the return of Big E. Anything's possible and while he's not on the active roster, there would not be a need to negotiate since he's still under contract.

H/T Wrestling News

Brock Lesnar: In a similar note, there has also been speculation that Brock Lesnar could appear to reignite his past series with Drew McIntyre. However, Lesnar seems to fall into the same category as Big E in that it's believed he's still working with the WWE. Some fans believe that when Lesnar returns, he'll be booked against Gunther at WrestleMania 40.

Bill Goldberg: Could Bill Goldberg return to the WWE to get the retirement match he claims was promised to him but that was never delivered? Goldberg's recent comments towards Vince McMahon suggest "Dollar Bill" is legitimately miffed with Mr. McMahon. Nonetheless, this could be a worked shoot and smokescreen designed to hide Goldberg's return to the WWE for a match at The Royal Rumble or WrestleMania.

Trish Stratus: Trish Stratus has hinted at returning to the WWE following her spectacular run earlier this year. Stratus showed she can still crush it in the ring and on the microphone so a return shouldn't be ruled out.

What We Already Know About Day 1

The WWE has a big week lined up as it celebrates the New Year. Here are the matches already booked for Day 1:

World Heavyweight Championship Match. Seth Rollins (Champion) vs Drew McIntyre

WWE Women's World Championship Match. Rhea Ripley (Champion) vs Ivy Nile.

Number One Contenders Match for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Tegan Nox and Natalya vs Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark.

Becky Lynch vs Nia Jax

Who do you think might show up at Monday's special edition of RAW?

Photo Credit: WWE