Good News Regarding Liv Morgan's Court Case

1/5/2024 11:57 PM

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Good News Regarding Liv Morgan's Court Case

Good News Regarding Liv Morgan's Court Case

January 5, 2024 11:57 PM
Good News Regarding Liv Morgan's Court Case
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Are Things Looking Up For Liv?

Good news regarding Liv Morgan's criminal court case in Florida. Morgan (aka Gionna Daddio) was arrested last December and faced two drug possession charges, one of them a felony. A new report state Morgan has hired one of Florida's top attorneys.

Morgan faced two charges:

possession of a synthetic cannabinoid, a third-degree felony; and a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession not more than 20 grams.


Good News for Morgan

Now, PWInsider's Mike Johnson is reporting that one of the charges has been dropped:

On 1/2, the more serious charge against Morgan, possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoid, was dropped from the criminal case against her.

H/T PWInsider

Liv Hires Top Attorney

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Morgan hired one of Florida's top attorneys. It appears the money has been well spent following the dismissal of the more serious charge:

Regarding Liv Morgan and her arrest a few weeks back, she hired Jack Goldberger, one of the best criminal attorneys in Florida. The state dropped the synthetic marijuana charge which was the felony and transferred the marijuana case to a different division which hasn’t been listed yet. The belief at this point is most likely it will be a misdemeanor charge and most first-time offenders with marijuana in Florida pay a fee of $100 and they’ll drop the charges without anything appearing on her record.

H/T 8 January 2024 Wrestling Observer Newsletter

You may recall that there was confusion about where the vape pen came from (which reportedly contained the synthetic cannabinoid) and if it even belonged to Morgan. As WrestleLamia detailed in a previous article on the case, Morgan had a defense option to claim the vape pen did not belong to her. 

While Morgan will still have to go through some legal proceedings, it appears the worst part of the case has been resolved. It's being reported that the criminal case will have no impact on Morgan's push. Morgan is currently sidelined with an injury she suffered last summer.

What do you think of this latest development in Liv Morgan's case?

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