Has Another AEW Star Left the Company?

11/9/2023 11:04 PM

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Has Another AEW Star Left the Company?

Has Another AEW Star Left the Company?

November 9, 2023 11:04 PM
Has Another AEW Star Left the Company?
AEW News

Wrestler's removal from roster page fuels speculation

Has another AEW star left the company? Some recent online activity has fans and wrestling writers speculating that AEW has parted ways with yet another wrestler. Let's look at the circumstances surrounding this speculation. 

Things began when Ringside News' H. Jenkins reported that AEW's female talent The Bunny removed AEW from her Instagram page. Now, Ringside News' Jenkins is reporting:

As it stands, AEW has now removed The Bunny from their official roster page, suggesting that she is no longer a part of the organization. The timing of this development adds an interesting layer to the situation.

Some fans may be even more excited to learn that The Bunny is the latest wrestler to open an OnlyFans account (and as noted elsewhere on our website, Matt Riddle may be exploring the idea).

AEW's Ginormous Roster

If The Bunny has left AEW, it's not a shocker as AEW continues to have an incredibly large (some might say ridiculously large) roster. Rather than releasing wrestlers, AEW seems to be going with a policy of letting their current deals expire and choosing not to renew their contracts.

The Bunny (aka Laura Dennis) has been with AEW since 2019. The 36-year-old Canadian native is married to wrestler The Blade. Do you think The Bunny has left AEW and if so, what's next for her?

Photo Credit: AEW