Has Drew McIntyre Re-Signed With WWE?

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Has Drew McIntyre Re-Signed With WWE?

Has Drew McIntyre Re-Signed With WWE?

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Has Drew McIntyre Re-Signed With WWE?

What's going on?!

Yesterday, at Money in the Bank from London, England, Drew McIntyre made his dramatic return to WWE programming. McIntyre has been absent since WrestleMania 39, and he received a thunderous ovation from the London audience.

McIntyre now looks set to enter into a feud with Gunther over the Intercontinental Title, and a featured match between the two seems extremely likely for the SummerSlam event next month.

Whilst it is certainly great to see McIntyre back in WWE, PWInsider Elite are now reporting that McIntyre hasn’t yet re-signed with WWE:

“As we have been reporting for weeks, WWE wanted Drew McIntyre to return by today's Money in the Bank PPV.  That process had been impeded according to sources by McIntyre wanting a strong storyline upon his return.  WWE got what they wanted as the two sides came to an agreement over the last few days and McIntyre will enter into a program with GUNTHER.  He will be back on Raw as of this Monday”.

“We are told by two sources that McIntyre's WWE contractual status has not changed and the two sides have not yet come to terms on a new deal or extension, so his contract is still due to expire in early 2024.  The two sides have yet to even begin discussions on that deal, partially because there's so much time left”.

Whilst McIntyre’s contract situation continues to be in a state of flux, McIntyre is a huge return for WWE, and his feud with Gunther has the possibility to be the stand-out feud of the summer.

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