Has MJF Signed a New Deal with AEW?

11/20/2023 8:52 PM

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Has MJF Signed a New Deal with AEW?

Has MJF Signed a New Deal with AEW?

November 20, 2023 8:52 PM
Has MJF Signed a New Deal with AEW?
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Has the WWE Missed Out?

Has MJF signed a new deal with AEW? If so, it's a bad sign for the WWE, which recently missed out on the opportunity to sign New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay. Ospreay showed up at Full Gear to announce he's All Elite (that is until once his current deal with New Japan expires at the end of January). If MJF has signed it invites speculation as to why two of wrestling's hottest young stars are choosing AEW over the world's biggest and most recognized wrestling promotion.

Haus of Wrestling is reporting:

Haus of Wrestling has heard from several WWE sources who believe Friedman has quietly re-signed with AEW. One higher-up WWE source stated that there have been “zero talks” between the two sides. They further noted that the idea Friedman is set to enter free agency imminently is a “false narrative” and that they believe he has re-signed into 2027.

The site discussed the narrative of MJF threatening to jump to the WWE as soon as his current deal with AEW expires (believed to be in 2024). The current AEW has incorporated this threat into many promos, often jokingly referring to the WWE's Nick Khan as "Old Jolly Saint Nick." Nonetheless, Haus of Wrestling notes:

“This is a completely in his head storyline,” one WWE source said.
“1000%,” another WWE source stated. “I was told a while ago he is under a long-term deal, which is why they stopped pushing the 2024 stuff.”

Knowing MJF's fondness for working fans, it's unlikely he'll acknowledge that he's signed a new deal with AEW until it's no longer useful in a storyline. MJF's situation isn't the same as that of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall who showed up in WCW and hinted that they were there from the WWF to cause trouble. As long as MJF is careful with how he words things, AEW can have fun at the WWE's expense.

Do you think MJF is staying in AEW?

Photo Credit: AEW