How Long Is Rey Mysterio’s Contract For?

12/21/2023 11:11 AM

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How Long Is Rey Mysterio’s Contract For?

How Long Is Rey Mysterio’s Contract For?

December 21, 2023 11:11 AM
How Long Is Rey Mysterio’s Contract For?
WWE News

The WWE legend is sticking around...

This week, it was confirmed that Rey Mysterio had re-signed with WWE. This is tremendous news, as Mysterio is one of the most iconic names of all time, and he is still able to perform at a high-level.

An update on Mysterio’s new WWE deal has surfaced, and Haus of Wrestling is reporting that the Hall of Famer’s contract is for three years:

“Yesterday, Wrestling Observer reported that Mysterio, like his son Dominik, has re-signed with WWE but did not give further details, like the length of the deal. Haus of Wrestling has confirmed that Rey has signed a new three-year deal with WWE.”

Mysterio had previously stated that he wants to retire at 50-years-old, and with Mysterio now 49, this seems to imply that Mysterio may have potentially changed his mind.

Mysterio is currently on the injured list, but it’s been widely reported that Mysterio will be ready to go relatively soon.